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Dancing the Heroine’s Journey – A Sacred Circle Dance Weekend+

August 30 @ 2:00 pm September 2 @ 3:00 pm UTC+0

The Gaia Sacred Circle Dancers of Eastern Ontario are happy to open registration for their 2nd Annual Retreat! The retreat is a unique blend of Shamanic Journeying and Sacred Circle Dancing. They have developed this process over years and have fused the two so that dance can be used as a tool in a Ceremony intended to cause a transformational experience. For this 4 day event, participants will Dance-Journey through the archetypal Heroine’s Journey: a Path to wholeness and Power for women, and men, of 21 years of age or older.    

  • Day 1:  Fri Aug 30th, Start 2pm: Introduction to each other and to The Heroine’s Journey; the first group of dances will be taught; Supper & review.
  • Day 2:  Sat Aug 31st, 7:30am – 8:30am Breakfast; 9am – Reminder of the first group of dances from the evening before and beginning to learn the second group of dances; 12:30pm – Lunch and continue with the second group of dances in the afternoon; Supper and check in about how your process is unfolding; Option to practice the dances for those inclined. 
  • Day 3 Sun Sept 1st, Morning Option to practice the dances for those inclined; 7:30am – 8:30am Breakfast; The day will be spent learning the third group of dances; Supper; Evening Meditation Process.  
  • Day 4:  Mon Sept 2nd, 7:30am – 8:30am Breakfast; 9am – Reminder go-through of all the dances; Break; Ceremony through doing all the dances consecutively; Silent Lunch; Integrating the experience and completion; Leave by 3pm.

No dance experience is necessary and you don’t have to know how to ‘shamanically journey’ – but it’s great if you do! – because they will be using the process of dancing so that you can ‘get out of your own way’, or ‘get out of your head’, so to speak, so you can engage your Inner Heroine and have the transformational experience that this cycle allows for.  

“I am grateful to have been introduced to this group. The facilitators devote a lot of their time to this and it shows. There is care, respect, knowledge, quality and of course intention. I love learning so I always appreciate the verbal knowledge that gets passed down during these journeys whether in circle or when learning the symbolism of different movements associated with parts of the songs”. ~ Vero L. 

“There is a void felt these days by women and men – who suspect that their feminine nature, like Persephone, has gone to hell. Wherever there is such a void, such a gap or wound agape, healing must be sought in the blood of the wound itself. It is another of the old alchemical truths that ‘no solution should be made except in its own blood’. So, the female void cannot be cured by conjunction with the male, but rather by an internal conjunction, by an integration of its own parts, by remembering or a putting back together of the mother-daughter body.”  
~ Nor Hall, The Moon and the Virgin 

To continue reading and to register, check out our latest newsletter at https://us4.campaign-archive.com/?u=a382529685ab72b9d8c9fb30c&id=53245b77d7

Our Affordable Fees (In Canadian $)

Early Bird Newcomers Fees last until June 30th, 2024, after which the regular fee applies: $560.00 – Includes a twin bed in shared room with 1 other participant and all meals.  $625.00 – Includes a twin bed in a room of my own and all meals. Regular Newcomers Fees from July 1, 2024: $610.00 – Includes a twin bed in shared room with 1 other participant, and all meals.  $660.00 – Includes a twin bed in room of my own and all meals.
Offsite Accommodation: If you prefer to stay off-site, Arnprior, Ontario has other amenities available: Arnprior Off-site Amenities  If your accommodation needs will be met elsewhere, you pay $360.00, which includes all meals and the process.

As for the Dance-Journey, Shamans have always been the main Ceremonialists in their communities and have used ‘dancing in a ceremonial space’ as a way to have people Journey safely together and therefore get the transformational benefit. Journeying is not ‘going into a trance’ and Ceremony always has a specifically designed Intention. As well, by its nature, Sacred Circle Dance is not a performative practice and does not require technical perfection or previous experience.  It is a matter of moving with a shared Conscious Intention and doing your best. If you don’t consider yourself a ‘dancer’ but still feel drawn to this work, you’re welcome to Journey via seated meditation to the music.  

For more about Shamanism: https://kathleenleeson.ca/shamanism