Sacred Dance Journeys

The Sacred Dance Guild’s motto is “Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World.” Sacred Dance Journeys are one way the SDG lives out this motto. These travel packages to sacred sites provide meaningful sacred dance experiences, as well as cultural activities designed to highlight these beautiful locales.

As we move into a new time in our lives following our personal, collective and global experience, the October 2022 Bali Experiences is emerging!  See information below! To view photos from past Bali experiences – check out our Facebook albums.

Upcoming Sacred Dance Journey to BALI! 

October 6 – 12, 2022

Are the gentle breezes of Bali whispering in your ear calling you to the mystical island of Bali, Indonesia?  This will be the Sacred Dance Guild’s fourth – and final – Sacred Dance Guild journey to Bali!   As we are all moving through the time of Chaos into a time of Creation, we will explore the jewels from our Sacred Hearts together.  

Our Bali Experience Creator – Tricia mary Lee – joined by co-creator Marylee Hardenbergh will take the in-person group on a profound journey of discovery

SPECIAL UPDATE – Sept. 12-2022 – We are thrilled to advise that Dance/Movement Therapists who attend the Bali retreat are eligible for 16 Continuing Professional Development hours from the Dance Therapy Association of Australasia.

DO check out the details below and consider a journey of a lifetime with us in October 2022!

REGISTRATION is OPEN – check link for the IN PERSON Adventure!

A maximum of 20 participants will experience this amazing, life-changing journey in person and another 20 participants are invited to join us on a “virtual” adventure – for those who cannot be with us in person for any number of reasons!  Our global experience with the pandemic has given us much insight and we are very excited to respond to use technology to be as inclusive as possible, to connect, create and continue in community in as many ways as possible! 


  • To Dance, in a Sacred way is to enter into a communion of heart, mind, body and soul with the Great Mystery
  • To Retreat, invites a safe inner space for contemplation, revelation, transformation and illumination.
  • To be in Bali, (in person or virtually) is to enter a place of beauty which is honoured and Blessed in the Sacred traditions of that culture.

The 2022 retreat invites a brave and conscious preparation as we move “Through Chaos to Creation – Jewels from the Sacred Heart”…. both a personal and a communal Inspired Sacred Dancing response to our fragile  new world (post Covid et al).  “We are the change, We are the Dance, We are the vessels of Inspiration”.  Together we are going to share, to reflect, to grow and to honor our vital contributions as Sacred Dancing people on this beautiful Earth of ours.”

Barefoot, Blessed and Beautiful” ….come dance with us.


Our facilitators – Tricia mary Lee and Marylee Hardenbergh (in person) and Helena Froehlich and Maria Sangiorgi (virtual) are awaiting your arrival with anticipation and excitement as these adventures are co-created with you!   We are also delighted to have Allegra Ceccarelli (from Brazil, currently researching, studying and living in Bali) as part of both our in person and virtual experiences.



Come through the Bali Mountain Retreat doors to begin an amazing Journey!!

From October 6th to October 12th our group of sacred sisters will be steeped in the Divine Feminine Energy so present in the Balinese culture! The In person retreat focuses on the Divine Feminine and we invite our dancing soul sisters to be with us in the in person experience. (Note – we fully embrace our dancing soul brothers and invite them to join us in our Virtual Experience – see below).


Each day we arrive in the beautiful studio at Bali Mountain Retreat to begin with body blessings and then move through the day with sessions that will build through the week each deeply connecting one to another as we crystalize our stories from the Stars, the Earth and all of Humanity. Classes begin before breakfast and continue throughout the day and on into the evenings with times to dive into the cultural world of Bali!

A detailed schedule will be provided to registered participants. ALWAYS important to know that THIS is your retreat and YOU engage where you are called! The daily movement/dance offerings in the amazing Dance Studio at Bali Mountain Retreat will be profound and deeply engaging – but each of us determines where and how we dance into the adventure…. at all times – you design YOUR experience. NOTE: If you are considering registering and would like to see a detailed schedule to review, please contact and we’ll send you those details by email.


In addition to 6 nights and 7 days at the amazing Bali Mountain Retreat, and rich and profound daily sacred dance sessions (scheduled pre breakfast and throughout the day) with our facilitators included also in this unique rich and cultural experience are:

Cooking class at Bali Mountain Retreat
  • Accommodation in awesome twin shared rooms with ensuite (some singles if required)
  • All amazing, nourishing and visually beautiful vegetarian meals,
  • Transport to and from the retreat center (pick up/drop off points at Denpasar Airport or Ubud)
  • A glorious evening of local music/dance: the 20 piece Gamelan ‘Joged Bumbung’ orchestra and Balinese dancers.
  • A ‘Havan’ fire ceremony of purification and release dedicated to Saraswati, goddess of learning and the arts
  • A Balinese relaxation massage
  • A guided forest trek to the temple at Muncak Sari and blessing by a local priest/priestess
  • A Balinese cooking class
  • A class in making the hand woven offerings and blessings used daily in Bali
  • An awesome experience to visit the temple at Sarin Buena for the full moon ceremony with the local villagers

A detailed daily schedule will be sent to each registered participant prior to the Retreat.

Cost:  The SDG strives to create programs that are as affordable and accessible to all those who would like to participate.  With great care in our budgeting, and with the help of our volunteer Board of Directors, we have worked hard to keep the registration amount for this Bali Sacred Dance Journey as close to the 2017 amount (which was $1300) as possible.  We know that many people and organizations have had to continue through 2.5 years without income – including our amazing hosts Bali Mountain Retreat – so while costs have increased our pencils have been sharpened as much as possible – without compromising the overall experience! We are happy to say that the increase from five years ago is only $200.00…. Yeah!


For many, this will be a one time life experience in Bali! AFTER the Retreat most participants during our first three journeys have stayed on to continue the adventure! This is YOUR choice but the organizers believe that we all should experience the awesome cultural community in Ubud – the cultural center of Bali! We will be there for a number of days following the end of the Retreat and are excited to organize various gatherings of dance performances, temple visits, an unbelievable opportunity to “volunteer” for a day at Yayasan Widya Guna (school for underprivileged children), and many other local adventures and opportunities! You can partner up with new friends you met at the Retreat, have excursions with others you have come to Bali with, or any number of experiences! The organizers will provide information, advice and options for anyone who chooses to continue the journey after the Retreat!

SDG Journey Participants with Performers in Ubud

The 2022 Retreat Fee – ONLY USD $1,440 (SDG Members) or $1,500 (Non Members – included one year membership to the Sacred Dance Guild.  This covers all noted above – airfare and any pre-post costs are additional. REGISTER FOR THE IN PERSON EXPERIENCE HERE!


The Virtual experience, while also focusing on the Divine Feminine, is open to those from all gender orientations. In the personal space of our virtual world we invite you to dance into this experience. UPDATE – Sept. 8-2022 – We are “pausing” this Virtual program as it seems our adventurers are taking time away from the “screen” as we all reconnect physically and enjoy our time together in person! Check back as we are considering having this as an online program during the winter when we are often “back” indoors and on screen (“spring” in some parts of the world). We are considering offering a version of the program during the winter/spring as a weekly 1.5 hour on line gathering for a 6-8 week time period. The information BELOW was the original intention if the Virtual Experience happened in concert with the In Person experience. This will be updated as the spirit flows through us over the next month and following the In Person journey in Bali.

THE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE! (Paused – details to be updated November 2022)

The initial plan for The Virtual Experience was to have the program noted below. As noted above – we have “paused” this offering and will assess the interest for a program later in the year or early next year.

In addition to pre and post “gatherings” (on line on ZOOM) with both virtual and in person participants, AND an awesome “Bali Welcome Package” sent by snail mail before the retreat,  the virtual package includes a minimum of 17 hours of adventure including:

  • Daily experiential movement classes (from October 6 through 12th)
  • Bali Café Chats (one on ones and small groups)
  • Joint sessions with the “in person” journeyers
  • A Bali Cooking class with dinner together
  • A daily “resource” package sent to you by email
  • A “trek” (via Zoom) for the Full moon experience
  • Time in the garden at Bali Mountain Retreat Centre and
  • “Pop up” experiences here and there!
  • ALSO – all on line sessions will be recorded and will be available to you to access shortly after they are finished – so if you missed something – you can still be “there” or if you want to “re-experience” something – the options are yours!

A detailed schedule will be provided to each registered participant. ALL sessions will be recorded and available shortly after they conclude so if you have to miss a “live” session you will be able to experience this in your own time and space. NOTE: If you are considering joining this virtual adventure and would like to see the draft detailed schedule before doing so, email and this will be sent to you to review and assess if/how it would work in your life!

Cost:  This is new to us so we are “piloting” this virtual sacred dance journey!  As always – we have those volunteering their time and talents to create this experience because we believe it is our mission to do so!  Because of that we are able to offer this to YOU this year to just cover our expenses – with the hope that this will be a model for future Sacred Dance Guild Journeys around the world!

2022 Retreat Fee – USD $320 (SDG Members) or $380 (Non Members – included one year membership to the Sacred Dance Guild)  


“When you discover Mother Bali,  it is as if your soul reconnects with an ancient and sacred part of her deep feminine self that has long been forgotten or neglected.  She breathes in fragrance and beauty, touches you with tenderness, serenades you to soften and surrender, and then dances with you in delight.” 

Dawn Harris – participant in the 2017 Journey shares her experience ““I had the immense pleasure of participating in the Sacred Women, Sacred Dance retreat in Bali in the fall of 2017. How do I put into words an experience that is beyond words? It was first and foremost deeply transformative on every level – body, mind and soul … connection to community, culture, nature and spirit. This experience literally blew my heart and soul wide open. I had never before felt so loved, loveable, and loving. I cried many many tears of pure joy. I had also never before felt my movement/dance more authentic, inspired and beautiful. I opened to flow …in my body, in community and in nature. And our amazing facilitators, Tricia Mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi, choreographed this incredible journey with their unique and personal grace, wisdom, love and beauty. The retreat was exquisitely designed to open us to the special beauty and wonder of being women, and yet felt utterly organic. Every detail, and there were so many, flowed in a way that left me feeling completely cared for and therefore able to let go with trust into the completeness of the experience. And then there’s the location … the Bali Mountain Retreat Centre on Mt. Batakaru, Bali. WOWZA! All my senses were awakened with such intensity! I danced in communion with the rich sounds, smells and beauty of the mountain forest (and the chanting of the monks). Truly unforgettable and wholly moving. I will be forever grateful to Tricia and Maria and the Sacred Dance Guild, and also to myself for stepping out of my comfort zones. Such a gift.”


In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Tricia mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi, both dedicated members of the Sacred Dance Guild, led three amazing adventures to Bali (see below).  They offered the generosity of spirit and huge hearts that seem to be in abundance in the Sacred Dance Guild village!  In addition to leading these three journeys, when the journey planned for May 2020 was cancelled due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, they leapt forward and created a monthly on line gathering (from June through November) open to all who had been on one of the previous Bali adventures and those who had registered for the 2020 journey.  They offered these as their gifts to participants with nothing asked in return but coming monthly with curiosity, an open heart and willing body.   Using the theme “Grandmother Wisdom Comes Dancing” (which was the theme planned for the 2020 Retreat that was cancelled) participants were profoundly moved each and every month on this journey that we took together.  In appreciation, 7 of the participants created a “Gratitude” Dance to Tricia and Maria as they truly were the “Arms of an Angel” for all over these four years.  The dance was recorded on November 11th, 2020 (twice – since once just isn’t enough!!) and offered to them on line that evening.   See Version 1 and Version 2 and read the tribute to these amazing angels on earth!

Bali: Sacred Dance, Sacred Woman
October 1 to 7, 2017
Following their inspiring 2015 and 2016 retreats, SDG members Tricia mary Lee (Australia) and Maria Sangiorgi (Italy) organized one final Sacred Dance Journey to Bali in 2017, which explored the theme “Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance.”  During this adventure we weaved our daily dance into rituals for our personal spiritual practice. As sacred women created our own inspirational movements to express our communion with all that is sacred in our world. Again the retreat was enriched by experiences of traditional Balinese culture during the week on Mount Batukaru.

For more information:
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Bali: Dancing the Sacred Lotus Heart
May 16 to 22, 2016

Meditating on Mount Batukaru, Bali
Meditating on Mount Batukaru, Bali.

In May 2016, fourteen sacred dancers gathered in Bali from Canada, the United States, Hawaii, Australia and Italy for a retreat led by Tricia mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi. Tricia’s early morning sacred body blessings and Qiqong movements warmed and opened the participants’ energy fields before allowing them to explore and feel more deeply through dance, guided by Maria’s deep body/sound/breath explorations. Art journaling, sharing each other’s dancing gifts, and ceremonies of celebration all took their rightful space within the week, enriched by a weaving of local cultural experiences.

Saying farewell was softened by a brief sojourn in Ubud where participants danced at the Ubud Ashram and visited Yayasan Widya Guna, a local school for disadvantaged students, where they shared more dancing and singing.

“This is the beauty of taking time out for retreat… indeed we danced, discovered, released and rejuvenated through the whole landscape of emotions, which so perfectly fitted with the focus of opening to our “Sacred Lotus Heart.” – Tricia mary Lee, Australia, retreat co-facilitator

Photo Album | Poster (PDF)

Bali: Dancing the Sacred Wheel of Life
May 3 to 8, 2015

Bali retreat co-facilitator Maria Sangiorgi enjoying a blissful moment.
Bali retreat co-facilitator Maria Sangiorgi enjoying a blissful moment.

In May 2015, twelve sacred dancers gathered in Bali from many corners of the globe – including Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan and Italy – for a retreat led by Tricia mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi. The theme “Dancing the Sacred Wheel of Life” was woven throughout the week as they explored together the dynamic elements of water, fire, earth and air through dance that engaged both the inner self and community celebration. Movement was enriched by experiences of Balinese culture including temple visits, cooking lessons, a fire ceremony to the goddess Saraswati, as well as local dance and music.

Each dancer contributed her personal gifts to the experience, sharing a diversity of movement and meditation styles that nourished each in heart, mind, body and soul.

“It was a lot of work but the blessings returned manifold for us in the softening of faces, the relaxation of bodies, the reflections in beauty, the communion of souls and the simple expressions of the dancing divine self.” – Tricia mary Lee, Australia, retreat co-facilitator

Photo Album | Poster (PDF)

Sedona and the Grand Canyon
October 5 to 9, 2011

Meditating with the sacred surroundings at the Grand Canyon.
Meditating with the sacred surroundings at the Grand Canyon.

This pilot Sacred Dance Journey gathered eleven sacred dancers from the United States and Canada to dance on the edge of the Grand Canyon and at Sedona’s vortexes. In these inspiring places, the group danced the sacred in many forms, including Celtic and Native American body prayers, free form dance and contact improvisation.

The trip’s highlight was a guided tour of four of Sedona’s vortexes, provided by Mark Amaru Pinkham, Director of the World Alliance for Planetary Enlightenment. The dancers learned about the history and geology of the area through meditations, medicine wheels, ceremonies to the four directions and peace prayers.

I will never forget the conscious concentration of the group as we interpreted the breathtaking landscape of the Grand Canyon through movement… More important than the dancing, the beautiful red rock scenery, or the energy of the vortexes, however, was my discovery of this unique community of dancers who so generously share their lifelong passion for dance and spirituality.” — Lisa, Toronto (Canada)

Photo Album

Future Sacred Dance Journeys

Would you like to organize a Sacred Dance Journey? The SDG is happy to support member led events. We can provide guidance and support for coordinating your event. Contact us for more information.

Do you know of a great destination for a Sacred Dance Journey? Please contact us and let us know why we should dance the sacred in this part of the world.

Tentative Plan for 2023!! PERU is on the menu as a possible sacred dance journey in October 2023! Stay tuned for details!