SDG Journal

Special Edition Journal Cover - 2017Since 1958, the Sacred Dance Guild Journal (access the on line Journal by clicking link) ( has published informative articles on the current practice and rich history of sacred dance, as well as choreographic notes, SDG news, and SDG member profiles.

The SDG Journal is an important resource exclusively dedicated to sacred dance. Since 2013, it has been publicly and freely available online – a tangible way the SDG furthers its mission to promote dance as a sacred art.


The SDG Journal accepts articles from SDG members and invited guests.

  • Articles must be at least 100 characters long.
  • Authors are encouraged to include an image to accompany their article.
  • Authors should include their Bio.
  • For articles of a scholarly nature, please use MLA style for citations and bibliography.
  • Submit articles to
  • No submission deadline – articles are accepted and published on an ongoing basis.

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From 1958 to 2008, the SDG Journal was printed regularly (two to four issues annually) and mailed to all SDG members. Beginning in 2009, the SDG Journal was published electronically, with biannual issues distributed to SDG members only.

In 2013, the SDG Journal was moved to an open, online platform and is now available to all. In this format, articles are accepted and published on an ongoing basis.

In 2017, the Sacred Dance Guild published a beautiful Special Edition print version of the Journal (photo of cover above)  in honor of the 60th Anniversary in 2018.   You can request a print copy of this Journal by email to