Other Programs

Sacred Dance Guild offers many different programs as part of our commitment to advocate for dance as a sacred art, to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit and to create community.

Some of these are regular programs such as Festivals, Sacred Dance Journeys, Videos, etc. Some happen as the call arises! Some of the current programs being offered are:

Sacred Sundays

Each Sunday, beginning in March 2020, the Sacred Dance Guild has been hosting an on line gathering to be  “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“ during this unexpected time in our global experience!   These live from our living room sessions are free, informal, intimate and interactive sharings and are open to a maximum of 30 participants who want to connect in this way. Members and other supporters facilitate each week as their gift to all of us to continue to connect in community and to dance together. Check out the EVENT calendar to see both past and future Sacred Sundays!

Quarterly Conversations

During the 2021-22 year, as all of us are exploring and expanding our connections during this personal, collective and worldwide experience we wanted to extend the conversation and reflection on the question “Is THIS Sacred Dance?” as far and wide as possible – both from a physical perspective but also from a philosophical perspective.  What does “fit” under this umbrella we call Sacred Dance?   We have realized that some people have an understanding when they hear that term it means something specifically “religious”, others think of a particular type of dance, such as Sacred Circle Dancing, and everything in between!    We decided to through open our screen doors and invite panelists from a wide range of backgrounds, experience and understandings to have a conversation and invite others to sit around the table with us.

Feb. 20, 2021 – The first Conversation/Panel was held February 21st with the focus on Sacred Dance through Social Justice, Differing Abilities, Environment, Community and Ancestral Dreams. See the recording of the panel HERE.

June 29, 2021 – For the 2nd panel we moved to specific faith and spiritual expressions and explored them from the perspective of individuals who are part of the North American mosaic. See the recording of the panel HERE.

Stay tuned for the 3rd and 4th sessions! The 3rd session is tentatively scheduled for October 9th and will focus on “Healing” – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Awesome August Awakenings!

August 2021 – Members of the Sacred Dance Guild Board of Directors are delighted to offer these Sacred Dance “appetizers”.  Pop in wherever and whenever you feel called!  These sessions are free and open to members, supporters and those just curious! We dance recognizing the time of global, collective and personal challenges and opportunities during the pandemic and with hearts cracked open to what the future holds for us in our journey together! 

A BALI EXPERIENCE…                                                    40 minutes    8:30 am
Tricia mary Lee & Maria Sangiorgi                                   

In Sacred Bali, one of the daily morning rituals is the making and offering of Blessings to the Gods and Ancestors.  Each household, business and Temple creates small baskets from leaves and adds symbolic elements for Earth,  [Food]  Fire, [Incense] Air, [Flowers and Fragrance] and Water [Purification and Mother blessing] These are then offered with prayers and invocations in gratitude, honour and respect of the Sacred Law of Karma. The streets, homes, markets and temples are cluttered with these beautiful fragrant daily offerings.  From our love of Bali you will create your own short dance ritual as a symbolic daily offering from your Divine self to whichever God, Goddess, prophet or spiritual teacher whom you recognize and love.  We will use the simple Mandala Lotus form in recognition of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” the foundation of beliefs in Bali which  means  “Appearing as Many, Essentially One” ….  which supports  “Catur Varna”, the” One Caste of  Humanity”.   May your Dancing Blessings return manyfold,  Tricia & Maria