Become a Member

Why join the Sacred Dance Guild?

When you become a member of the Sacred Dance Guild, you join an organization that:

  • Connects sacred dancers from around the world,
  • Supports all forms of sacred dance, and
  • Reaches out to promote dance as a sacred art.


Enjoying a circle dance at a Morning Awakening at Festival 2008.
Enjoying a circle dance at a Morning Awakening at Festival 2008.

As an SDG member, you will connect to an international network of dancers, many of whom are experts in their field.

As an SDG member, you can:

  • “Ask an Expert” – upon request, the SDG will arrange for a one-on-one conversation with another member on a topic of your choice.
  • Access the SDG’s membership directory and find other members in your area or with expertise in specific dance styles or movement practices.

“The Sacred Dance Guild is my tribe. A community of people who understand my deep need to dance my prayers and embody my faith. They love me and accept me for who I am — a turning, spinning, dancing, crying, singing, rejoicing child of God.” — Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk, Hawaii (USA)


As an SDG member, your personal brand of sacred dance will be supported by an encouraging community of dancers and programming that is both educational and inspiring.

As an SDG member, you benefit from:

  • Meeting SDG’s diverse and committed members who will encourage and inspire you.
  • Learning about and experiencing a variety of dance styles and spiritual expressions.
  • Reduced fees at festivals, workshops and events hosted by the SDG or its affiliates.

“For any dancer desiring to experience and explore sacred dance, I wholeheartedly recommend attending the Sacred Dance Guild’s festival. I have found my experiences there to be inspiring, informative, transforming and life-altering. And I’ve made lifelong friends with other sacred dancers.” — Betsy O’Neill, New York (USA)


As an SDG member, you are helping us reach out to the whole world to promote dance as a sacred art.

As an SDG member, you support:

“The Sacred Dance Guild is a powerful, diverse group of people who use movement to connect to the Universal Love, however represented. The beauty, reverence and joy of sacred dance is an antidote to the pain of the world and a tremendous resource on the path we all travel.” — Marilyn Green, New York (USA)

Other benefits

In addition to the many ways SDG members connect, support and reach each other, they also:

Membership dues

Dues are paid annually based on the month you join.

  • One year membership – $60 USD
  • Two year membership – $95 USD
  • Senior (65+) membership, one year – $45 USD
  • Student membership, one year – $30 USD
  • Group membership, one year – $110 USD
    ○ FOUR members receive member discounts & votes – all receive information & other benefits
  • Lifetime membership – $1,000 USD

The Sacred Dance Guild is a 501(3)c charitable organization in the United States and therefore membership dues, donations and gifts are tax deductible in the United States. The SDG’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)/Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 02-0270736.