Honorary Members

Since early in its history the Sacred Dance Guild has occasionally recognized individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to dance as a sacred art.   These individuals – between 1958 and 2018 – are highlighted below.

In 2018 – celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Sacred Dance Guild – members proposed and the Board of Directors approved invitations to SIX world renowned individuals (representing the SIX decades)  ranging from cultural to modern expressive, sacred circle dance to ballet, and more – to become Honorary Members.  We were delighted that all accepted our invitation.  We believe these six individuals beautifully represent the sacred in their work and are considered gifts to the world of dance.  These individuals are listed below – please take some time to explore their lives and work.

In 2020 the Sacred Dance Guild, as part of our “Legacy Project” interviewed six of our Honorary Members  – Margie Gillis, Laura Shannon, Banafsheh Sayyad, David Taylor, Carola Stieber-Paramjyoti and Carla DeSola – asking them FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!!  To see these interviews click HERE (and find out what those FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ARE!!).

NOTE:  All 2018 Honorary Members as well as Carla DeSola (from the 1958-2018) are also “approved” SDG facilitators (see Facilitators – Sacred Dance Guild)

Sacred Dance Guild Honorary Members – 60th Anniversary –  2018:

Margie Gillis

Laura Shannon

Banafsheh Sayyad

Anna Halprin*

David Taylor

Carola Stieber-Paramjyoti

Sacred Dance Guild Honorary Members – 1958 – 2018:

The SDG honours its past as it dances into the future.
The SDG honours its past as it dances into the future.

Mary Anthony*

Forrest Coggan*

Carla De Sola

Jean Erdman*

Arthur Hall*


Jess Meeker*

Ted Shawn*

Ruth St. Denis*

Erika Thimey*


In addition to the individuals noted above, the Sacred Dance Guild has also recognized individuals for their specific contributions to the Sacred Dance Guild and between the years of 1979 and 2002 the Sacred Dance Guild gifted each outgoing President a lifetime honorary membership.   These individuals are:

Sacred Dance Guild Honorary Members – Presidents/Officers – 1979 – 2002

Karen Josephson*
SDG President 1999-2002 and 2007

Judy Barnett
SDG President, 1998

JoAnn Flanigan
SDG President 1996-1998

Ann Marie Blessin
SDG President 1993-1995

Connie Fisher*
SDG Director

Fenna Stoub
SDG President 1987-1989

Barrie Gibby
SDG President 1984-1986

Susan Cole
SDG President 1982-1983

Carlynn Reed
SDG President 1979-1981

Toni Intravaia*
Founding member, SDG Journal Editor 1972-2010

Dana Schlegel
SDG Secretary 1978-1981

Maxine DeBruyn
SDG President 1971-1974

Mary Jane Wolbers*
Founding member, SDG President 1961-1962

All Honorary members receive a complimentary lifetime membership (value of $1,000 USD) to the Sacred Dance Guild. Honorary members may be nominated by SDG members, and are confirmed by the SDG’s board of directors.