Welcome to the Sacred Dance Guild – come dance with us!

The Sacred Dance Guild, a spiritually diverse, international, non-profit organization, is committed to advocate for dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit.  We further these goals by being an umbrella under which all inspired by the many forms of dance and the many expressions of the sacred gather, sponsoring and providing sacred dance programs and resources, and by promoting  events of the organization and its members.

Latest News!

SACRED DANCE GUILD – HONORARY MEMBER INTERVIEW SERIES!!  We are excited to announce our On-Line Interviews with five of the six 60th Anniversary Honorary Members asking them FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS related to dance as an expression of the sacred are now completed!   You will be inspired to hear the responses from David Taylor, Laura Shannon, Carola Stieber, Banafsheh Sayyad and Margie Gillis  available on our  YouTube Channel Register now for the Carla DeSola interview Sunday, October 18th (pre-empting the regular Sacred Sunday event!) 

SACRED SUNDAYS - Check out the  Calendar or Facebook page for details on each Sunday and register to join us.  This initiative started during the Covid-19 Pandemic where we have been personally, collectively and globally dancing with our hearts cracked open.  The SDG offers weekly “live from our living rooms” SACRED SUNDAYS – a free weekly gathering to be SOCIALLY PRESENT while PHYSICALLY DISTANT.  Check the Calendar or Facebook page for details of the many diverse sessions that have taken place as we danced on waves of grace together.

EQUINOX:  A Moment of Balance!  SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 – The Sacred Dance Guild, partnering with Global Site Performance and Global Water Dances, engaged people from all over the world dancing at exactly the same time for 2 minutes, 20 seconds.  Connecting around the globe the simple but profound dance sent out waves of balance and goodness the world over.  To see some of the videos check out the FB page HERE

AMAZING ADVENTURE!   Virtually There…  A Sacred Dance Experience….  What a fantastic journey of discovery we had from July 31st to Aug. 3rd – 3.5 days – at this first on line Festival!  With over 20 faculty from 4 continents/7 countries and 100 participants who danced through our  “screen doors” from all over the world – we moved in and out of each others lives and hearts throughout the 39 different “offerings”!    See the Festival Highlights video and the Festival Concert “Way of the Phoenix” both on the SDG Youtube channel.


This month we celebrate PRIYA LAKHI!  We are thrilled that Priya  recently “discovered” the Sacred Dance Guild and attended the “Virtually There” festival.   Priya is Certified Master Results Coach, a Board Designated Institute, Trainer, and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) [ABNLP], a Board Designated Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy® (TLT) [TLTA], and a Board Designated Instructor of Hypnotherapy [ABH].   Priya is also a Magnified Healing Master teacher, Yoga teacher, certified Energy Healer and Spiritual Seeker and Teacher. Her formative years at university sparked an interest in the human conditioning. She was obsessively curious about “why are we here; what does it mean; who am I?”  While studying psychology, she gravitated towards the legal profession and became a lawyer defending those who society had never given a fair chance to.  Becoming a death row defense attorney allowed her to see pain and suffering, but also hope and redemption.  After a number of years, Priya wondered at a sense of “emptiness” that she was feeling so putting her legal career “on hold” she travelled to her motherland “India” and there went on a journey of discovery that she says “brought her to her knees” that awakened her own “ananda” her “blissful state of being”.  From there she studied and worked to refine her purpose as a bridge to connect the practical and spiritual, right and left brain, the masculine and feminine energies. Priya offers opportunities to awaken your true self!  DO check her website HERE.  DO stay tuned for details as Priya will be leading our SACRED SUNDAY on October 25th (watch the EVENT Calendar and the Facebook page)!

SDG STATEMENT - The SDG has developed a statement that describes our values, mission and membership, now available on our About Us page. We’d love to receive your feedback! Feel free to contact us with your thoughts or questions.