Welcome to the Sacred Dance Guild – come dance with us!

The Sacred Dance Guild, a spiritually diverse, international, non-profit organization, is committed to advocate for dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit.  We further these goals by being an umbrella under which all inspired by the many forms of dance and the many expressions of the sacred gather, sponsoring and providing sacred dance programs and resources, and by promoting  events of the organization and its members.

Latest News!

EQUINOX:  A Moment of Balance!  SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 – JOIN The Sacred Dance Guild partnering with Global Site Performance for a 2 minute, 20 second dance ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  The equinox happens at the same, single moment worldwide!  Connecting around the globe, we will perform the simple but profound dance via Facebook (or on your own), sending out waves of balance and goodness the world over.  To JOIN or for information see details HERE

SACRED SUNDAYS - We’re back!  Check out the  Calendar or Facebook page for details on each Sunday and register to join us.  This initiative started during the Covid-19 Pandemic where we have been personally, collectively and globally dancing with our hearts cracked open.  The SDG offers weekly “live from our living rooms” SACRED SUNDAYS – a free weekly gathering to be SOCIALLY PRESENT while PHYSICALLY DISTANT.  Check the Calendar or Facebook page for details of the many diverse sessions that have taken place as we danced on waves of grace together.

AUG. 4, 2020 – SACRED DANCE GUILD – HONORARY MEMBER INTERVIEW SERIES!! We are excited to announce our On-Line Interviews with five of the six 60th Anniversary Honorary Members asking them FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS related to dance as an expression of the sacred are now completed!   You will be inspired to hear the responses from David Taylor, Laura Shannon, Carola Stieber, Banafsheh Sayyad and Margie Gillis  available on our  YouTube Channel.  

AMAZING ADVENTURE!   Virtually There…  A Sacred Dance Experience….  What a fantastic journey of discovery we had from July 31st to Aug. 3rd – 3.5 days – at this first on line Festival!  With over 20 faculty from 4 continents/7 countries and 100 participants who danced through our  “screen doors” from all over the world – we moved in and out of each others lives and hearts throughout the 39 different “offerings”!    Check the Festival page for photos and updates.   Watch the Festival Concert “Way of the Phoenix” on the SDG YouTube Channel.

JUNE 3, 2020 - In keeping with the Sacred Dance Guild’s dedication to One People, One Planet and One Heart in the Dance of Life and to our goal to embrace a network of people creating a world of peace, harmony, and justice through movement,” the Board of Directors wants to take this opportunity to support those around the globe who are doers of these words and dancers of those revelations.   We join together in the lines and circles that rhythmically dance the steps of justice, unity, peace, and love for Black Lives Matter and all those moving and bonding against racism and brutality.  We hope these steps will be ongoing dances of “a world community committed to living life with compassion, creativity and in service of a greater good.” 

This month’s Member Highlight!

This month we celebrate Hiie SAUMAA!  Hiie Saumaa, PhD, is a somatic movement educator and a dance writer/scholar. She’s from Estonia and currently based in Paris. She writes about movement and health, dance history, and the artistic process. She teaches Nia dance, BodyLogos Strength Training (somatic approach to conditioning and stretching), and JourneyDance (inspirational free dance practice, a movement ritual). She loves to inspire people to enjoy the energy, healing, and aliveness that dancing, and movement can give us. See Hiie’s website at https://www.hiiesaumaa.com.  Hiie was one of the presenters at the “Virtually There…. A Sacred Dance Experience” festival and recently published an article “Finding the Sacred in NIA Dance” in the SDG Journal.   We are always inspired by the Sacred Dance Guild members who so beautifully represent the SDG Statement of what we are!  Check that out below!  Thanks for being you Hiie and sharing you with us!

SDG STATEMENT - The SDG has developed a statement that describes our values, mission and membership, now available on our About Us page. We’d love to receive your feedback! Feel free to contact us with your thoughts or questions.