Welcome to the Sacred Dance Guild – come dance with us!

The Sacred Dance Guild, a spiritually diverse, international, non-profit organization, is committed to advocate for dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit with inclusivity, diversity, equity and access as underlying principles.  We further these goals by being an umbrella under which all inspired by the many forms of dance and the many expressions of the sacred gather, sponsoring and providing sacred dance programs and resources, and by promoting  events of the organization and its members.

Latest News!

FEBRUARY MINI FESTIVAL “WEAVING WEBS OF LIGHT” –  FEBRUARY 19-21, 2021 –  What an amazing weekend we had gathering together and exploring the many ways dance as an expression of what is sacred is experienced and honoring the Sacred Dance Guild’s 63rd “birthday”!!!  If you missed it – be sure to stay tuned for our next adventure!  Our deepest bows to workshop leaders Daria Halprin and David Leung, to panelists Susan Beayni, Alaya Dannu, Dianne Eno, Leah Mann and Laura Shannon and to all those involved in the awesome concert “The Doors”!  Click HERE for details of the event!

SACRED SUNDAYS - Check out the  Calendar or Facebook page for details on each Sunday (at 7:30 pm EST) .  This initiative started during the Covid-19 Pandemic where we have been personally, collectively and globally dancing with our hearts cracked open.   These free weekly “live from our living rooms” sessions gather us to be SOCIALLY PRESENT while PHYSICALLY DISTANT.   Check the event Calendar for details as they become available. 

SDG STATEMENT - The SDG has developed a statement that describes our values, mission and membership available on our About Us page. We’d love to receive your feedback! Feel free to contact us with your thoughts or questions.