Welcome to the Sacred Dance Guild – come dance with us!

The Sacred Dance Guild is a spiritually diverse, international, non-profit organization with a  commitment to advocate for dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit.  The SDG furthers these goals by being an umbrella under which all those inspired by the many forms of dance and the many expressions of the sacred gather, sponsoring and providing sacred dance programs and resources, and by promoting sacred dance events of the organization and its members.

Latest News!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!   Virtually There…  A Sacred Dance Experience….  Sacred Dance Guild Festival – July 31 – Aug 3, 2020 –  Our first online Festival with over 20 faculty from 4 continents and 7 countries!  Register early as our “screen doors” are open to only 110 dancing participants! More Information Here 0r go directly to REGISTER ONLINE HERE!  “Are we THERE yet?”  ALMOST!  Join us for an amazing journey of discovery!

SACRED DANCE GUILD – HONORARY MEMBER INTERVIEW SERIES!!  We are excited to announce that we will be having On-Line Interviews with some of our Honorary Members asking them FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS related to dance as an expression of the sacred!  What are these questions?  CLICK HERE for information and to register for the FOURTH interview with Honorary Member Banafsheh Sayyad on Sunday, August 2nd at 4:30 p.m. EDT.  (Note – this interview is happening during Festival 2020 so all those registered for the Festival will automatically receive the link to the Live Interview – others can register by email as noted on the Event page).

JUNE 3, 2020 - In keeping with the Sacred Dance Guild’s dedication to One People, One Planet and One Heart in the Dance of Life and to our goal to embrace a network of people creating a world of peace, harmony, and justice through movement,” the Board of Directors wants to take this opportunity to support those around the globe who are doers of these words and dancers of those revelations.   We join together in the lines and circles that rhythmically dance the steps of justice, unity, peace, and love for Black Lives Matter and all those moving and bonding against racism and brutality.  We hope these steps will be ongoing dances of “a world community committed to living life with compassion, creativity and in service of a greater good.” 

SACRED SUNDAYS - March 2020 – During this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic,  when we are personally, collectively and globally dancing through the days with our hearts cracked open, the SDG will be offering SACRED SUNDAYS – a weekly gathering on Sunday evenings (EDT) to connect on line – to be SOCIALLY PRESENT while staying PHYSICALLY DISTANT.  Check the Calendar or Facebook page for details each week as we continue to dance on waves of grace together.

SACRED DANCE GUILD – FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN!  MARCH 1 – AUGUST 2, 2020!  We have our HEARTS OPEN and OUR HANDS UP  to support the Sacred Dance Guild as we embark on a 1-2 year “Legacy Project” – the creation of a comprehensive, in depth, affordable, flexible program for Sacred Dance Facilitators!    We will dance for joy for all donations – but those of $1000 will have a Board of Director (or other member(s)) video a dance of thanks!!  Check out the Facebook Page to see dances given to those who have donated.

This month’s Member Highlight!

Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) is an international inter-disciplinary artist with a performing arts background. She is the director of Cilla Vee Life Arts  – an arts organization with a focus on cross-media collaboration. Her work utilizes artistic disciplines of dance, music, text, media, visual and installation art. Claire has presented her work in venues as diverse as Jacob’s Pillow, the New York Botanical Gardens, Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center and Art Basel Miami.  She has performed and taught throughout the USA and in Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel and Pakistan.  Claire received her professional training in London at The Laban Centre For Movement and Dance and at the London Studio Centre For Performing Arts. Her pre-professional training includes the Royal Academy of Dance and the Royal Schools of Music examinations.  In 2002 Claire founded Cilla Vee Life Arts and, with the support of arts advocates such as Chashama, Bronx Council on the Arts and Arts for Art, began to develop and present her signature modes of work – including Motion Sculpture Movement Installations and The Sound Of Movement projects.  Claire says:  “My work as an artist blurs boundaries and crosses categories. Re-defining the traditional concepts of a “piece” and challenging the conventions of performance, time, space and audience relationships.”  Over the month of July Claire will conduct a thirty-day series of performative prayer meditations in response to the recent global traumas of pandemic and violence.    See details HERE  NOTE!!  Claire is one of the presenters at Festival 2020!

SDG STATEMENT - The SDG has developed a statement that describes our values, mission and membership, now available on our About Us page. We’d love to receive your feedback! Feel free to contact us with your thoughts or questions.