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Spreading joy during a flash mob at Festival 2012.
Spreading joy during a flash mob at Festival 2012.

In addition to its open online journal, the Sacred Dance Guild has a blog – Sacred Dance Trends (, an informal space where sacred dancers can document and discuss their personal explorations of movement and spirituality. If you are a sacred dance fanatic or a scavenging soul pursuing the underground, ancient practice of worshiping the divine through movement, this blog is for you!

Note:  Oh my!  This blog has been “on hold” for a few years now!  If YOU are interested in being the administrator of the site we’d love to hear from you!   We send our deepest bows to Cherie Hill who managed this for the first few years – are you interested??  Contact  In the meantime – you can join our Facebook Group which has lots of people posting wonderful sacred dance events and activities!

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