Event Details

Expressing the Fascia: the Connective Tissue Matrix through Embodied Bellydance® with Maria Sangiorgi
Date: February 8, 2016-
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne people, Get your dancing cellular body into the flow . . .

This series of 4 classes explores biological and emotional resources as food for expression through movement and dance.   Classes will be 4 Mondays in February – Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22.  Register for all 4 weeks or for one or more!

We will get to know the fascia the living matrix, a systems-wide communication network, linking our thoughts, emotions and beliefs with our body, and vice versa.  Every movement that we make is talking to every part of the body simultaneously through the Fascia. It is fluid and connects every layer and organ of the body.  Therefore all the beautiful circular spiraling movements that are a part of Bellydance can be expanded inwardly and outwardly. The movement will become more “meaty”.  From growing research we know that what we believe and think, what we have been through in our lives affects the fascia, shaping our body creating restrictions. Through engaging in the dance of the fascia through Embodied Bellydance® and personally chosen music, each participant will gain a greater sense of completeness and clarity and an opportunity become aware of and begin a process to undo blockages that are present and that inhibit movement.

Each person is required to send me a piece of music that inspires them in some way. It is important that the music is already familiar to them, not something that is unknown.  Music can be preferably any Arabic based style, but can also be world music genre.

Time & Cost

7.30 pm – 9.45 pm
Monday -1st – 22nd February

Cost $120 – 4 weeks
one class only $30

Venue & What to bring

Inner Movement Centre
32 Lower Heidelberg Rd , Ivanhoe
Slide the big black gate

Bring water, and a rug and mat if needed.

To register or for additional information contact Maria.