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Through My Flesh I See - A Body-Chanting Workshop with Judith Rose
Date: March 6, 2016-
Location: Union Arts Center, Sparkhill, New York

The body is a continual source of wonder and mystery. Walt Whitman described it as “electric”. Martha Graham referred to it as the “sacred garment”, while B.K.S. Iyengar named it “a temple”. Leonardo Da Vinci saw it as “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

 In this workshop, we will deepen our reverence for the body through chant, textual inquiry, and movement. Our focus text will be taken from the Book of Job 19:26, “Through my flesh I see the Divine”. Using both the practice of Vital Movement and the lyrical Hebrew movement art of Otiyot Hayyot, we will weave our way towards gratitude, wonder, and awe. 

Judith Rose, the founder of the Vital Movement™, is an experienced educator, poet, and movement artist. She has an extensive background in a variety of healing and movement modalities that include training in Dance for PD from the Mark Morris Dance Group and certification as a practitioner of Otiyot Hayyot. Judith offers mentorship and training to new movement educators and continues to teach, choreograph, and provide therapeutic experiences in movement for clients in private session and in groups. Her private practice in therapeutic work is located in Nyack, NY. Her work is deeply grounded in the belief that the arts provide a medium for personal and communal healing and transformation.

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Registration Fee:  $40.00
Location:  Union Arts Center, 2 Union Street, Sparkhill NY 10976

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