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A Dancing Advent Calendar - On Line!
Date: November 26, 2022-
Location: On Line - Beginning November 26, 2022

Dane Miller – Christmas Eve – Joy

Do you love Advent Calendars? We have a new one for you.   On Saturday, November 26th the Trinity Movement Choir/Sacred Dance Guild Advent Calendar will be up at


Each day a different dancer will be featured in a new one-minute devotional dance, moving through the 28 days of Advent and the weekly themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.

The dances are performed to music commissioned from A Bu, who took First Prize and the Audience Choice Award at the Montreux Jazz Festival. The dancers come from all over the world and each created a dance representing their own movement styles, all using the slow intensity of the group’s Butoh base.  Each dance will appear on the page at 12:05 am on its designated day in Advent, so on November 27 one will be visible, a week later eight will be visible, and all 28 will be available on Christmas Eve.

Below, Dane Miller dances the final piece for Joy on Christmas Eve.