Event Details

Sacred Sunday - Dancing in the Light - with Marilyn Green & Wendy Morrell
Date: December 11, 2022-
Location: 7:30 pm EST - check local times!

The Sacred Dance Guild’s Sacred Sunday program is shifting – like the rest of the world!!    For the two years of the pandemic, we hosted a gathering each Sunday evening.  As our global experience re-emerges have moved our Sacred Sundays to monthly – generally it will be the 2nd Sunday of the month (but do stay connected as we might have “pop up” Sacred Sundays or change the week due to other events)!   We will continue to host these online gatherings to continue to be “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant” because we can – no longer because we must!     These live from our living room sessions are free, informal, intimate and interactive and are open to participants who want to connect in this way.

To register send email to pres@sacreddanceguild.org with “Dancing Advent” in the Subject line.

The month of December has many holy and special days in various faith and spiritual traditions.  Christmas, Hannukah, Bodhi  and Kwanzaa – are four we can think of.  What others are celebrated?    ALL of these celebrations have candles and light as part of their focus during this time.  For this December Sacred Sunday, we will focus on dancing in the light during the Christian season of “ADVENT”.   This is generally the four weeks before Christmas and is a time of spiritual preparation and waiting.   While Advent may be Christian – the themes that are celebrated – Hope, Peace, Love and Joy – are universal to us all.

There have been many different customs that have emerged over the years during this season.  Two of those are the Advent Candles lit each week with different themes and the Advent Calendar – which is usually something opened daily during the 24 days.  Trinity Church, in NYC, where Marilyn Green is the Director of the Movement Choir, has added DANCE as an Advent Calendar this year!  Each day during advent people will receive a link to a ONE MINUTE dance video!  Marilyn coordinated 24 dancers (from the Trinity Choir and the Sacred Dance Guild) and had them submit their dances.  On this Sacred Sunday we will get to watch the first 11 dances with Marilyn!!    Wendy Morrell, President of the Sacred Dance Guild, will then lead us in a creative choreography to an Advent piece related to the Advent candles that we can dance together during this season of “waiting”.    If you have Advent Candles (or any candle) do bring those along.  Also if you have a piece of cloth (approx. 30″ x 36″) bring that along as well.  These will be used in our choreography and represent the Advent candles.  The general colours are Blue, Pink and Purple BUT we’ve seen advent candles also in Red, Green and White – so really – whatever you have will be perfect!  If you don’t have a cloth – not to worry – we can imagine just about anything!!

The Sacred Dance Guild is grateful for those gifting their presence with us leading these Sacred Sunday sessions. During this period when we are emerging from a time where our lives changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined, we continue our personal, collective and global mind/body/spirit connection. We give deep bows for those who lead us on these journeys of discovery as we dance on waves of grace together.