Event Details

Humankind - A Performance of Hope and Transformation
Date: September 22, 2022-
Location: St. Paul's Chapel, 209 Broadway, New York City, NY

Join Trinity Movement Choir – in partnership with The Sacred Dance Guild – for its first in person performance in almost three years. “Humankind” addresses the life of our neighbors who are global refugees, including issues of uprooting and trauma, insularity and acceptance, assimilation and diversity, affirming the truth that all humanity is essentially connected. This hybrid performance in St. Paul’s Chapel will feature 40 dancers, more than half of whom recorded their performances and whose dances will be projected on the walls of the chapel.  The centerpiece of the performance is a 30′ red cloth representing the connected community and initially inaccessible to those “outside”.  This is a story of hope and transformation.

Click HERE to see a recording of this performance held on September 22, 2022.