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Literature of the Body - Margie Gillis
Date: September 21, 2022-
Location: Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada

A sensual and allusive movement that guides us in the embrace of our humanity. Through these two group pieces, spectators witness the intimate and mysterious workings of our soul’s inner journey and reveal the poetry that resides at the heart of the art of dance. The first faces the harsh reality that a third of the world’s population today is made up of refugees and that with climate change, this number is set to increase considerably. The second was born from the work of James Joyce and his reflections on the inner world of a woman: Molly Bloom. Her world, her community and her husband, all start from a conception of traditional gender that finally breaks free in a joyful mix of genres.

The concepts of vulnerability, constrained social change, loss and upheaval, but also the joy and sensuality of life, all figure in this danced mosaic.

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