Event Details

"Our Sacred Dance... Our Sacred Space" - A dancing journey with Hiie Saumaa
Date: April 29, 2023- June 2, 2023
Location: On Line from Paris, France - Time 11:00 am EDT (DO check local times!)

We are very blessed to have this be the Sacred Dance Guild’s 2nd on line multi week program organized and sponsored by the SDG and facilitated by a Sacred Dance Guild approved facilitator – Hiie Saumaa.  This series originally scheduled for June 1 – July 6th 2022 has been re-scheduled to April 29 – June 3rd, 2023.

In this six week adventure we will learn to find our own sacred dance in the spaces around us, mostly in nature. The goal is to develop a close connection between the place and the body and to explore how they speak to and animate one another. We awaken our senses through movement and the imagination, and learn how to create and sustain a soulful dialogue between the body and the place. In each session we choose a place and explore our physical sensations, emotions, images, thoughts, and the soul through dancing and moving in that place. For each session you will be asked to find a particular place or element in the place around you, spend some time in that place, either dancing or simply noticing, listening, and being presenter. In our Zoom gathering we continue and deepen this journey be evoking the place in our mind’s eye again, we maintain this connection in the imagination and notice our physical sensations as we dance and improvise. We will discuss and share, verbally and kinesthetically, as well as use writing and/or drawing for further insights.


The aim of this series of workshops is to find a new sense of liveliness both in how you connect to our body/soul and how you live in your city, town, village or neighborhood. We will learn to connect to the sacred in the body and the sacred in the places around us and express this sacredness in our own unique ways. We hone our intuition, kinesthetic intelligence, expressivity, and empathy for the nonverbal living world around us.

Hiie SAUMAA, PhD, is a somatic movement educator and a dance writer/scholar. She’s from Estonia and currently based in Paris. She writes about movement and health, dance history, and the artistic process. She teaches Nia dance, BodyLogos Strength Training (somatic approach to conditioning and stretching), and JourneyDance (inspirational free dance practice, a movement ritual). She loves to inspire people to enjoy the energy, healing, and aliveness that dancing, and movement can give us.  See https://www.hiiesaumaa.com/