Event Details

Moving Through Grief - An 8 week Journey of Discovery - with Tricia mary Lee
Date: March 10, 2022-
Location: On Line - From Australia (TIME SHOWS IN EST - DO CHECK LOCAL TIMES!)







Join Tricia mary Lee (from her home in Busselton, West Australia) in this 8 week Sacred Dance Guild journey through the landscape of Grief, [which may be personal or collective, old or new], within the confidentiality of a small group and from the comfort of your own “home and heart” space via the blessings of Zoom.

“Moving through Grief” offers you a weekly Sacred Retreat of time and focus to recognize, explore, reflect, connect, release, revalue, rediscover and recreate your personal dance with Grief. In Divine surrender and through the grace of Great Love we embrace both the dark and the light of our transformational “Sole to Soul” journey ”.   Each session will be 1 hour in length and will take place on line on Thursday evenings (8:00 PM EST)/Friday mornings (8:00 AM AWST) beginning with an Introductory session on March 10/22 and then continuing with a deep dive for 8 consecutive weeks ending May5/6, 2022. This program is open to all who feel called.

The cost for the program will be $125.00 US (SDG member – $135.00 Others) for all 9 sessions with a maximum of 12 participants. Registration will be open soon – do check back for those details. Limited partial or full scholarships will be available for those in financial need.

If you would like to talk to Tricia before registering please be in touch with her at tricilee1@me.com.

Tricia shares “My personal journey with grief over the last 15 years, [following the deaths of my beloved parents, then two dear friends followed by my cherished dog and tragically then my son James,] has both deeply inspired and informed my Sacred Healing Dance practice to truly recognise and believe in the creative value and therapeutic power, the Alchemy if you like, of both our personal and collective Sacred Dance from Sole to Soul. The collective COVID experience has also raised many issues evoking global grief so together we will open to dance and experience the paradigm of both the tragedy and the divine beauty that Grief gifts us when she offers us this potential portal to our human “Dark night of the Soul”.   Dancing for recognition, release, purification, transformation and illumination we will draw on the healing power of the images, music, ritual, symbolism and classic elemental analogies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.  We can reference the “Stages of the Grief Journey” outlined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, whilst holding the questions of ourselves as to what, why, who, where, when, how? These hold personal and collective meaning in each stage of our dance and can relate to Loss, Protest, Searching, Despair, Reorganisation, Reinvestment and Remembrance. Our journey will be within a safely guided, therapeutic framework of collective confidentiality, personal movement exploration, artistic self expression, reflection and review…… your Muse awaits you!! We will also have the opportunity to gather and share insights, both personal and collective, and to offer resources which we have found meaningful. “

NOTE: This program follows a pilot that was offered by Tricia to a small group in 2021. See comments from some of those participants HERE.