Event Details

Sacred Sundays - "Manifest Attunement" with Marylee Hardenbergh
Date: January 30, 2022-
Location: On line from California- 7:30 pm EST - check local times!!

The Sacred Dance Guild continues to offer our Sacred Sunday program.  Most Sundays we host an on line gathering to be  “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“!   These live from our living room sessions are free, informal, intimate and interactive sharings and are open to participants who want to connect in this way.

As we prepare to move into the month of February, on this January 30th Marylee Hardenbergh will help us to transition from the January theme of sacred dancers as “Earthkeepers” into the February theme of “Attunement” as we prepare for the Worldwide Duet Dance “Manifest Attunement” that will take place on Feb. 2, 2022  (see details HERE).  Whether you have signed up to be one of the “duets” or not, JOIN us for this Sacred Sunday as we experience the collective movements that will be offered by the duets on 2.22.22 and have time to explore our own movements in response to the question “What are YOU Attuning to?”

To register for this session send an email to pres@sacreddanceguild.org with “Sacred Sunday Attunement” in the subject!

Marylee HARDENBERGH – Global Site Performance is the creation of Marylee Hardenbergh. Her goal is to use dance to transform the environment so that people experience it with renewed eyes and heart. She believes that the power of dance — with its moving colors and harmonious rhythms — deepens the audience’s sense of place and how we humans fit into the landscape. Marylee is also the founder and director of the Global Water Dance project. Trained under Irmgard Bartenieff and Penny Lewis Bernstein, Marylee has led many movement choirs and loves to use Space Harmony in her work. For over 30 years, Marylee has been known for her outdoor site-specific choreographies. The numerous awards and grants Marylee has received include fellowships for choreography from the National Endowment of the Arts in the USA and the Soros Foundation. Marylee brings in a therapeutic sensitivity to all her choreography.

The Sacred Dance Guild is blessed to have Marylee gifting her presence with us leading this Sacred Sunday session.  During this time when our lives have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined, continuing our personal, collective and global mind/body/spirit connection is so important.  We are grateful for those who lead us on these journeys of discovery as we dance on waves of grace together.  We will be using ZOOM for Sunday’s sessions.