Event Details

Creation - A Sacred Dance performance by the Trinity Movement Choir (on line)
Date: February 4, 2022-
Location: On line from NYC - 7:30 pm EST (check local times!)

Join Trinity Movement Choir for an online screening of The Creation I, II, and III.

The Trinity Movement Choir performed The Creation Part I, Elements of the Creation, in 2018 in person.   This Feb. 4th performance adds Part II, Man and Woman, and Part III, Animals, that were performed and recorded on line – in addition to Part I.  This is the first time all three sections have been “performed: together with video footage from the original 2018 in person performance and the 2021 on line recordings.  These three sections evoke the sacred nature of all Creation, our relationship to it, and the responsibility of stewardship.

This performance is free and open to all – Register HERE.