Event Details

Worldwide Duet Dance - Manifest Attunement!
Date: February 2, 2022-
Location: On Line from everywhere

 The Sacred Dance Guild is joining Marylee Hardenbergh, of Global Site Performance, along with the Global Water Dances as, we collectively “Manifest Attunement” and as the Sacred Dance Guild celebrates our 64th journey around the sun!  On February 10th, the Sacred Dance Guild will have been dancing the sacred and moving the world for 64 years!  We are excited to kick of this month in this World Wide Duet Dance!!
In these challenging times dancing together can be a charm for the future!
  • Create – a collective body prayer
  • Harvest – the vision of attuning to each all and to all of humanity
  • Affirm – the substance of “WE” – together on this earth
  • Remember – our collective experience
  • Make – connections globally
The process is simple and will be virtual (on Zoom):       FIND PARTNER, LEARN DUET, PRESS RECORD!

WHY A WORLDWIDE DUET DANCE ?   The intention of this dance is to connect. Each pair of women will connect with each other, while at the same time connecting with all of the other dancers. Our intention is to have 222 dancers performing the same dance. This is also about attunement: connecting in these divisive times. Showing to ALL in the world, that women know how to connect, how to be together. We do this through the universal language of dance. We dance for connection with each other and we dance to connect in gratitude with our beautiful planet.  ALL dances will be done virtually – so partners can meet on Zoom or any other platform to record their contribution!

WHY FEBRUARY 2?  A date celebrated in many cultures – Saint Brigid’s Day (Gaelic festival), Groundhog Day (USA), Candlemas (Christian tradition), the goddess Jemamja’s birthday (Brazil), Setsubun (Japan), the Cross-Quarter Day in the Celtic Calendar, Dia de la Candelaria (Mexico), and the second day of the Chinese New Year and of Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year. It is also a date that has only twos and zeros – 02.02.22 – it’s own duet!

HOW TO BE INVOLVED?  ALL are invited to be part of this worldwide February phenomena! You can find additional information HERE and can sign up HERE.    Don’t wait – we expect 111 “duets” around the world will be dancing the quickstep to register for what will be a time of inspiration and nourishment! AND we SO need those waves of grace going out to our fragile world! JOIN US!