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Sacred Sundays ....more than breath.... with Carlynn Reed & Harold Tausch
Date: November 28, 2021-
Location: On line from Toronto - 7:30 pm EST - check local times!!

The Sacred Dance Guild continues to offer our Sacred Sunday program.  Most Sundays we host an on line gathering to be  “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“!   These live from our living room sessions are free, informal, intimate and interactive sharings and are open to participants who want to connect in this way.

This last Sacred Sunday in our November month with the theme of “Dance as a Healing Art” we will focus on the grieving process with Carlynn Reed….   In Carlyn’s words….

  • “The unthinkable.  The unspeakable.  Blinding screaming impossible.  Our larger than life talented one of a kind son Chris.  Gone.  By his own hand.
  • A phone call.  In an instant my world made no sense.   All joy all hope vanished.  I don’t know how to function without joy without hope.
  • For a month I couldn’t move.  Frozen in time. I wanted to go backward and change this ugly thing that was bent on destroying me.
  • A month later, I asked my body to pull me out of the paralysis that grief had laid on me.  I had to learn to move again.

For the next ten months with my dance partner, Harold Tausch, we wrestled with the lines and movements and flashes of face to face moments to shape something that began to look like my heart.    It took a long time because … it takes a long time.

Harold is not a trained dancer, and has sparse partnering background.  While I was just trying to learn to walk again, he was trying to learn lifts and dance dynamics.  It was hard work. I named it “more than breath” to describe the extent of my love for Chris.”

Carlynn Reed became active in the Sacred Dance Guild shortly after Chris was born in 1971.  Her first son, Kirk, was 2 years old.  They always knew mom as a dancer, and still do, at the age of 77.  Through SDG she learned how to weave together her faith in God and love of dance.  Her sons and husband witnessed and supported.   Being a theatre artist as well as dancer, Carlynn has created many works that blend dialogue and movement.  In 2012 she ventured into competitive dance in the cabaret section of the ballroom world.  This is where she learned to fly, and earned numerous awards. Currently she works from project to project with a dance theatre partner, telling the stories that are important to her.  She also works with kids, writing scripts and preparing them for performances in her church. Carlynn was a Major Presenter at the 50th Anniversary Sacred Dance Guild Festival in 2008 at Connecticut College.

At the age of 72, Harold Tausch is exploring the world of acting and dance.  He and Carlynn met through Contact Improv in Toronto.  He is a Feldenkrais Practitioner, and is doing background, and sometimes foreground, gigs in film.

The Sacred Dance Guild is blessed to have Carlynn and Harold gifting their presence with us leading this Sacred Sunday session.  During this time when our lives have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined, continuing our personal, collective and global mind/body/spirit connection is so important.  We are grateful for those who lead us on these journeys of discovery as we dance on waves of grace together.  We will be using ZOOM for Sunday’s sessions.