Event Details

Sacred Sundays - Healing Happens - Awakening Through the Chakras - with Avital Miller
Date: November 21, 2021-
Location: On line from Colorado - 7:30 pm EST - check local times!!

The Sacred Dance Guild continues to offer our Sacred Sunday program.  Most Sundays we host an on line gathering to be  “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“!   These live from our living room sessions are free, informal, intimate and interactive sharings and are open to participants who want to connect in this way.

Register by email to pres@sacreddanceguild.org with “Sacred Sunday with Avital Miller” in the subject line!

This week Avital will take us on an adventure to experience the chakras – energy centers in our body that provide a pathway for healing and fulfilling our highest potential.  We will allow dance to help channel our energy inward and upward to the Divine, as we move through each chakra.   We will discover our authentic movement with the guidance of visualizations, affirmations, and uplifting music all created by disciples of the great yoga Guru Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the best-selling spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi). The visualization offers a story to help each of us create the movement that comes naturally. The affirmations offer the opportunity to feel the deeper purpose behind each energy center, or chakra. The music is meant to create a pure slate of light to inspire each of us to our highest possibilities.

No dance experience necessary!

“There is in each of us a special song to be sung. None of us is more important, or less so, than any other. Our simple duty is to find our unique song deep within us, and to sing it to perfection. That perfection will come only when we have learned to sing our own soul-song to God, offering back to Him the inspiration of His love.”
—Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message

Avital Miller, best-selling author of the book Healing Happens, is known for inspiring people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success in order to live the best life possible. A former program manager at Microsoft, she is an award-winning international keynote speaker, healing breakthrough facilitator, and global dancer.

The Sacred Dance Guild is blessed to have Avital gifting her presence with us leading this Sacred Sunday session.  During this time when our lives have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined, continuing our personal, collective and global mind/body/spirit connection is so important.  We are grateful for those who lead us on these journeys of discovery as we dance on waves of grace together.  We will be using ZOOM for Sunday’s sessions.