Event Details

Sacred Sundays "Proclaim the Promise" with John West
Date: September 12, 2021-
Location: On line from California - 7:30 pm EDT

Sacred Sundays are live from our living room sessions that are free, informal, intimate and interactive sharings and are open to 25 or so participants who want to connect in this way.
Register for this Sunday by email to pres@sacreddanceguild.org with “Sacred Sunday with John West” in the subject line.
Last year we started a monthly Film Fest gathering as part of our Sacred Sunday program. This could be a full length performance, a collection of small video clips or just about anything that is related to “sacred dance” with the intention to join together in community to watch something and then have time to chat in small groups!
SO since Sunday, September 12 will be our first Sacred Sunday for the 2021-22 “season” we are delighted to have a “hybrid” event! We will watch a video and have a dancing dialogue but also have time to “move” together! We are thrilled to have John West presenting an amazing video that was created as the opening to the 2021 Religious Education Conference held Feb. 18-21, 2021 “virtually” from Anaheim, CA with a theme of “Proclaim the Promise!” – a radical invitation to believe that our lives and our world are sustained by God’s promise. Now more than ever, we need hope and a vision for our future. The 14 minute video we will watch was part of the “opening” of this conference and invites us to reflect on the beginning….. John takes us on an amazing journey into the past, the present and the future!
John West is a trained practitioner of classical modern dance technique and choreography. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Dance and Theatre, John earned a M.Ed. from Loyola-Marymount University and a M.A. degree in Folklore and Mythology from UCLA with an emphasis in biblical literature and dance. John has been a dancer and choreographer in the field of sacred and liturgical dance since 1967. His early career as an educator was paralleled by the founding of his first dance company, the Black Orpheus Performing Artists, a group whose works were rooted in the sacred music of the African-American tradition. John maintains his skills of choreography and dance technique through his role as artistic director of the Valyermo Dancers.
The Sacred Dance Guild is blessed to have John gifting his presence with us leading this Sacred Sunday session. During this time when our lives have changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined, continuing our personal, collective and global mind/body/spirit connection is so important. We are grateful for those who lead us on these journeys of discovery as we dance on waves of grace together. We will be using ZOOM for Sunday’s sessions.