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Awesome August Awakening Appetizers - Sacred Dance sessions! Open to All
Date: August 28, 2021-
Location: Online ( Time is in EDT - DO CHECK LOCAL TIME!)

Members of the Sacred Dance Guild Board of Directors are delighted to offer these seven sessions of Sacred Dance “appetizers” as our gift to you and to ourselves!

Dancing in community IS one of the philosophies the Sacred Dance Guild embraces wholeheartedly!   You can dance on in wherever and whenever you feel called during the day!  These sessions are FREE and open to members, supporters and those just curious!  We dance recognizing the time of global, collective and personal challenges and opportunities during the pandemic and with hearts cracked open to what the future holds for us in our journey together!

There is a registration process for this FREE event so we can plan technology, virtual space and know who to send the ZOOM link to!   The ZOOM link will be sent to those registered the day before – August 27, 2021.

Online Registration Here

With much love to all of you….

The Sacred Dance Guild Board of Directors



A BALI EXPERIENCE…                                                                         40 minutes    8:30 am
Tricia mary Lee & Maria Sangiorgi                                   

In Sacred Bali, one of the daily morning rituals is the making and offering of Blessings to the Gods and Ancestors.  Each household, business and Temple creates small baskets from leaves and adds symbolic elements for Earth,  [Food]  Fire, [Incense] Air, [Flowers and Fragrance] and Water [Purification and Mother blessing] These are then offered with prayers and invocations in gratitude, honour and respect of the Sacred Law of Karma. The streets, homes, markets and temples are cluttered with these beautiful fragrant daily offerings.  From our love of Bali you will create your own short dance ritual as a symbolic daily offering from your Divine self to whichever God, Goddess, prophet or spiritual teacher whom you recognize and love.  We will use the simple Mandala Lotus form in recognition of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” the foundation of beliefs in Bali which  means  “Appearing as Many, Essentially One” ….  which supports  “Catur Varna”, the” One Caste of  Humanity”.   May your Dancing Blessings return manyfold,  Tricia & Maria

HUMANKIND                                                                                          30 minutes    10:00 am
Marilyn Green

This 30-minute workshop will use structured improvisation to express the truth that there is an essential connection among all human beings that must be acknowledged and embodied for us to be whole. We use the slow, intense movement style drawn from Butoh, with a goal of transformation rather than display, and we dance the link between ourselves and refugees and immigrants everywhere.  This workshop is a “taste” of Humankind which will be a 45 minute performance piece being created in August and September 2021 and will be presented as a performance at the Parliament of the Worlds Religions (taking place on line in mid October 2021).  Marilyn


“MESSY” MOVING MANDALA MEDITATION                                45 minutes       11:00 am
Wendy Morrel

I recently created an “acronym” for leading a MESSY life – Manage Stress, Eat Well, Stay Active, Smile – a lot, Yes to what nourishes you!   For this appetizer session we will dance the Sacred Dance Guild’s Moving Mandala Meditation to embrace this “MESSY” philosophy!  Meditation is a marvelous way to Manage Stress”, bring water (and a healthy snack if you like) to Eat well,  we will Stay Active as we move our bodies, we will Smile as we dance the sequences, and we’ll consider the things we want to say YES to in the upcoming year!  JOIN me for a MESSY Moving Mandala Meditation!  Wendy


SPIRALING INTO AWARENESS                                                          30 minutes        1:30 pm
Barbara Fahringer                 

Experiencing the shoulder girdle through imagery, movement and spirals.  A mind, body and spirit approach.  Come experience a deeper sense of the shoulder girdle, your personal spatial awareness and a connection to your spirit and the spiral nature of our universe.  We will review briefly the anatomy of the bones and joints of the shoulder girdle.  Using imagery, we will kinesthetically connect to the shoulder girdle and arms.   We will physically experience the shoulder girdle through various movements, including a spiral movement.   We will use this movement as a meditation on expanding our connection to the spiraling universe and spirals in nature.  Barbara


SPACE HARMONY: EXPLORATION AND INSPIRATION                  45 minutes      3:00 pm
Marylee Hardenbergh        

Dance on over to Space Harmony and together we will review the basic elements by which we “map“ the space surrounding the body (Laban’s Space Harmony). Then we will experience various combinations in spatial moves and explore which might bring inspiration to each individual mover.  Looking forward to exploring with you!  Marylee


UNTYING THE “NOTS” OF DANCE &                                                  45 minutes        4:30 pm

Jennifer Payne

The Movement/dance is the most universal and our most basic form of communication with others, and the world in general. Yet for many, ‘life’ teaches us not to trust our instinctive desire to move and use our bodies to embrace the world and connect with others. Instead, we judge our movements, become self-conscious and tense; our body communication becomes less fluid, stiff, unclear and in some cases lies dormant.   This session will explore movement/dance as a primal mode of communication and a key element enhancing our physical, social and cognitive health.  Join me on the journey!  Jennifer


THE WISDOM OF DANCE/                                                                             30 minutes    6:00  pm

Debbie Donaldson    

In many ways we lose the “feeling “ of our where our actual body is . We Iive, at times, in our head only with our emotions and our mind works overtime and this does not benefit us in any way. We lose our body , we just are not sure where our body is. Through thought and action we are going to explore coming out of our heads and bring true feeling back to our bodies . We will dance through many emotions and finish with a mindful moving meditation to end our day and leave us connected  mind , body and soul.  See you there!  Deb