Event Details

Sacred Sundays - Dancing Spirit of the Mountain - A Journey to Bali with Tricia mary Lee & Maria Sangiorgi
Date: May 23, 2021-
Location: On Line - From Australia & New Zeland

The SDG is joining the many others who are offering on line gatherings where we can be “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“!   These sessions will be live from our living rooms, will be free, informal, intimate and open to approximately 30 people who want to connect in this way.

We had planned our 4th Sacred Dance Journey to Bali “Grandmother Wisdom Comes Dancing” in May of 2020.  Of course the pandemic “moved” that forward to May of 2021 and now the pandemic has once again moved us further forward to May of 2022!  We wanted to honour the full moon time when we would have been in Bali dancing together so are offering this Sacred Sunday to come together and dance in the spirit of the mountain with Tricia and Maria. Our session will take us on a journey where we will experience the smells, sounds and moving spirit of the mountain.  Together we will dance the full moon wisdom of our personal journeys this year and dream of our next time together.

To fully embrace this experience you can wear a sarong (or a reasonable facsimile!), bring incense, fragrant flowers and art materials.

Tricia mary LEE is a lifelong lover of dance and has travelled widely from her Celtic and European roots to learn and also share her passion with others, Moving to Australia in 1992 she was introduced to Indigenous and Sacred song and dance and there commenced her personal Sacred Dance quest. Discovering The Sacred Dance Guild in 2003 she attended festival as a scholarship dancer in Connecticut  in 2008 and is now Co Vice President on the Board of the Guild.   Organizing the Bali Sacred Dance Retreats from 2015 she opens the door for women to cherish themselves in fragrance and beauty and to explore their personal journey in Sacred Dance as well as creating a sense of community and communion. She also holds regular Sacred dance workshops weaving her many strands of experience together from circle dances to Qigong, Oriental belly dance to Sacred Earth dances and contributes to Women’s retreats in her local area of South West Australia.   She has formal qualifications in Education and Training, Reflexology and Reiki, natural health and healing, Palliative Care and Sacred Dying, as well as Body Centred Movement Therapy and Dance Therapy.  “Come Dance, Be Barefoot, Blessed and Beautiful”.  Tricia is currently dancing on the Mountain in New Zealand as she immerses In The sacred wisdom of the Grandmothers.

Maria SANGIORGI is an Artist, Performer, Humanitarian, Teacher, creator of Dancing Isis Sacred Somatic Dance and Embodied Bellydance. She is an accredited Dance Movement Therapsit & Functional Analysis Body centred Councillor. Maria’s life work down the sacred, spiritual and healing path, combines her knowledge of Egyptian Dance, her skills in Somatic Awareness, Authentic Movement, Alexander Technique, Continuum, Sacred Dance, metaphysical studies, other life skills & experiences that make up her unique & personal healing modality. She lives in Australia and also works in Italy, Japan & Bali.  www.dancingisis.com  www.dancemovementtherapy.com.au