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Sacred Sundays- "Film Fest" Sharing - "Women who Mourn"...
Date: May 2, 2021-
Location: On Line - 7:30 EDT (check local times)

Beginning on Sunday, October 4th our Sacred Sundays have been some kind of “Film Fest”!  This could be a full length performance, a collection of small video clips or just about anything that is related to “sacred dance”.  The idea is to come together in community to watch something and then have time to chat in small groups!

This Sunday, May 2, 2021 is another opportunity to share your dances.   So – this will be sort of like a FESTIVAL SHARING that happened at all of the in person Sacred Dance Guild Festivals between 1958 and 2018!   For those of you who have been to Sacred Dance Guild Festivals you know that “Sharing” is one of the all time favorite events!  These can be finished “works” that the individual and/or group has offered many times, a work in progress that people would like some feedback on, or something inspired at the moment!  It  truly is a coming together time to embrace all that we are!

REGISTER by sending an email to pres@sacreddanceguild.org with ‘MAY 2021 SHARING” in the title. 

This month the theme “Women who Mourn” emerged on its own!  We have videos from individuals all that speak to our hearts mourning in many different ways….   Mary says “In so many ways women have borne the brunt of suffering during the Covid-19 Pandemic – working from and in the home, some from 7 am to midnight; caretaking, teaching, laundry, cleaning the list goes on and on…”  These films all “arrived” this month, hence “Women who Mourn”….

  • Emotions by Debbie Donaldson set to a poem by Gretchen Huntley
  • Be Merciful, Flamenco style, Carolynn Hine-Eddington & group
  • Confinement by Dorothy Anderson
  • Gurdjieff’s Assyrian Women Mourners Dance
  • And the Fire and Rose are One – A Memorial Dance to her husband Arthur (from 2008 Festival) – Carla DeSola

If YOU have a video you’d like us to include this month (if time permits) or that we’ll hold for a following month, do send that on to us.   Send questions or videos to Mary Kamp at res@sacreddanceguild.org.

Do join Mary Kamp who will facilitate this “Film Festival” evening!