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Dancing the Sacredness of our Organs Through Embodied Bellydance
Date: January 16, 2016- January 20, 2016
Location: Dorm 1 Rosina Building, Abbostford Convent, St. Hellier St, Abbotsford, Australia

SDG Member Maria Sangiorgi – My Alexander Technique teacher Jane Refshauge feels that Egyptian Dance is primarily a dance of the Organs. Through our exploration and research that began in 1995 and lasted 6 years, we explored the organ connection through Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centring, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Feldenkais to name a few. All of these somatic modalities encourage the body to function as a whole. This sense of wholeness supports and feeds the essence of Egyptian dance and the total embodiment of it. The 5 day intensive with bring into form all that has fed me through the years of exploration and all work with the Shamanic and transformative element of dance.

Our vital Organs each have a purpose and personality. We all have the same organs with the same biological function. We often individually express differently, for whatever physical, biological or emotional reason.

In this sacred Shamanic Dance exploration we will enlist the beauty and timeless essence of Egyptian Dance as a foundation and engage with the personality and vitality of particular organs and let them inspire us to move our dance. We will touch them, feel them, listen to them, talk to them, allowing them to respond to us through the dance. We will dance the richness and fullness of what they revel to us.

See further details and to register:  http://www.embodiedbellydance.com/2015/09/dancing-the-sacredness-of-our-organ-response/

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COST:  $550 – 5 days, $25o weekend only 


Australian please pay using DIRECT DEBIT

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