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Radiant Embodiment Series - with Banafsheh Sayyad
Date: March 9, 2021-
Location: On Line

Radiant Embodiment InstagramDance of Oneness – Persian master dance artist and transformational teacher, Banafsheh Sayyad (Sacred Dance Guild Honorary Member) communicates the universal message of Sufi mysticism and Divine Feminine wisdom in a passionate yet serenely meditative way. Her dance is an interplay between trance and directed movement, precise yet wild. Her explosive yet fluid movement is sensual and ritualistic, uniting the feminine and masculine energies, body and soul, light and dark in a marriage of opposites. She invokes the ancient roots of dance as devotion, prayer and adoration while blazing an original trail in contemporary dance with her masterly fusion of high level dance technique and spiritual embodiment.

LIVE 8-MODULE MONTHLY ONLINE SERIES – Beginning March 9th, 2021.  Details and Registration  HERE

MODULE I: Root Chakra
Gaia and Black Madonna

March 9 – April 2

In this 8-Session Module, learn to ground yourself, establish presence in your body and focus on form and technique – how to execute both dance and daily life movements with grace. Learn about economy of movement. Embody the mystery of the Black Madonna.Dance & Movement: Middle Eastern Tribal Dances. Stretching and yoga. Dedicating your dance as a prayer to Gaia, our precious Earth.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy and physiology of the feet and hip joint.
Physical Healing: Hips, lower back, legs, knees, ankles, feet.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Fear. Relationships: with the Earth, with your body, with the Mother, your mother, family, culture, tribes/communities, ancestors.

MODULE II: Sacral Chakra
Goddesses Inana and Aphrodite

April 6 – 29

In this 8-Session Module, open yourself to the sheer radiance of Eros, and as inspired by Goddesses Inanna and Aphrodite, reclaim your sexuality as sacred. Balance the energies of yin and yang, feminine and masculine inside yourself. Come in touch with your womb/lower Dantian and learn to emanate movement from this center.Dance & Movement: Middle Eastern Tribal Dances. Persian Dance. Tai Chi. Freely and ecstatically expressing your sensuality as natural and holy.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy of the pelvis/hip girdle. The energetics of the womb/lower Dantian.
Physical Healing: Hips, pelvis, lower back, Ob/gyn issues, sexual potency.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Shame and guilt. Gender issues. Relationships: with power, creativity, sexuality, romantic partner.

MODULE III: Solar Plexus Chakra
Goddesses Artemis-Cybele and Sekmet

May 4 – 28

In this 8-Session Module, Goddesses Artemis-Cybele and Sekmet will empower you to take up residence in your body with sovereignty and express yourself with courage, strength, compassion, and stewardship toward the greater eco-field.Dance & Movement: Flamenco. Dance of Oneness circles and spheres. Embodying fierce grace through your dance.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy and physiology of the abdominal region.
Physical Healing: Digestive issues with a focus on an optimal diet that both serves and sustains you and the great eco-field through you.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Releasing unworthiness. Cultivating empowerment, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, responsibility and discernment. Relationships: with yourself, with leading, with trusting your intuition and inner guidance, accountability and decision making


MODULE IV:  Heart Chakra
Mother Mary and Quan Yin 

June 8 – July 2

In this 8-Session Module, let the rose of your heart blossom as you embody the love and beauty of both Mother Mary and Quan Yin. Explore the Sufi Path as the path of living love. Experience your heart as the gateway to the quantum field of infinite consciousness.Dance & Movement: Dance of Oneness Waves and Persian Dance. Dancing to let your body become an instrument playing a love song.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs.
Physical Healing: Upper back and shoulders, chest constriction, breathing issues.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Following the trail of your tears, seeing and melting grief. Opening to forgiveness, compassion, trust, love for yourself and love for life. Relationships: with love, with the Beloved, with life.

MODULE V: Throat Chakra
with Guest Teacher Tony Khalife
Mary Magdalene and Rabia

July 6 – 30

In this 8-Session Module, come in touch with your center of creativity and will, and cultivate ease in expressing your truth. Create coherence between your heart and head through the positive feelings of appreciation, gratitude, care and compassion. Mary Magdalene, the Sufi mystic Rabia and other brave women guide us into courageously expressing our truth by being anchored in the heart. In this Module, we will have vocal training with Tony Khalife.Dance, Movement & Practice: Persian Dance. Reverential bowing. Zikr (chanting). Dancing with abandon and surrender to the Beloved.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy of the neck. Physiology of vocalization.
Physical Healing: Neck, throat, thyroid issues.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Judgement and criticism. Choice and willpower. Relationships: with surrendering personal will to divine will, self-expression.

MODULE VI: Brow Chakra
Goddess Isis

September 7 – October 1

In this 8-Session Module, the Goddess Isis will inspire you into opening your inner vision, cultivating symbolic sight and powerful intuitive and manifesting abilities.Dance & Movement: Sama (whirling). Veil Dance. Seated meditation. Dancing as a holy ritual with power to shift, influence and shape consciousness and the environment.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy and physiology of the brain with an emphasis on the pineal gland.
Physical Healing: Head and eyes.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Trusting in your inner guidance and ability to decipher truth. Relationships: with objectivity, with the ideas of others that may not resonate with you

MODULE VII: Crown Chakra
The Shekinah 

October 5 – 29

In this 8-Session Module, the Shekinah from the mystical Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah will guide you into embodying your Crown Chakra. We will explore the tree of life as well as the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine.Dance & Movement: Continuation of the Sama (whirling). Veil Dance. Dance of Oneness Spirals. Seated meditation.
Wisdom of the Body: Anatomy and physiology of the whole spine and brain with an emphasis on the pituitary gland.
Physical Healing: Head, sleep disorders.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Depression. Ability to trust life, trust the unknown. Relationships: with spirituality, devotion, the greater, divine timing.

MODULE VIII: Soul Chakra and Integration
Goddess Sophia  

November 2 – 26

In this 8-Session Module, the Gnostic feminine archetype, Sophia as the soul of the world will guide you into embodying your soul and stepping into your unlimited self. Explore transfiguration, the union of matter and light, particle and wave. Integrate the learnings of the previous 7 Modules.Dance & Movement: Deepening the practice of Sama (whirling), Dance of Oneness Spirals and Turns; review and integration of previous 7 Modules.
Wisdom of the Body: The sacred geometry of the body. The energetic field around the body.
Physical Healing: Depression, exhaustion and other ailments not linked to a physical disorder.
Psycho-emotional Healing: Relationships: with the soul and spirit, with death.