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Madonnas & Goddesses Food & Wine, Sacred Dance Retreat
Date: October 9, 2015- October 16, 2015
Location: Ostra, Italy

I am vey excited to finally be offering this very special private sacred dance retreat, exploring the ancient feminine here in Italy.  Italy for me is one of the most majestically beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world. From every town, and city, from the two seas to the vast mountain chain there is something to see, to know and to explore, much of which has directly or indirectly affected us in occidental societies, no matter where we live . . .
I am now ready to share this with 4 women as guests in my home in Ostra.
My personal story is much entwined in symbols of the feminine, as they hold great meaning to me. I have now spent 4 years surrounded by Madonna’s, they are a part of kit of power tools. They mean many things to many people. I respect that they are a part of the Christian faith, but I and many others like me see the Madonna as much more than that. We must not forget the Magdalena . . . I invite whomever of you who wishes to explore your sacred and divine self, through dance, and embark in this rich journey of the feminine. In a land steeped in herstory to come forth and journey with me.

The Dance
As guests in my home we will share this very personal, deep transformative experience . . .
I have a lot to offer and a number of streams of which one can choose to take. One may choose either to explore an aspect of Embodied Bellydance® (EBD) or Dance Journeys for the Awakening Heart, or a combination of the two. see Q&A’s on website

Madonnas & Goddesses
. . . The ones that I have chosen have touched me in some way. They have and still do offer some kind of healing experience. These include, Madonna della Rosa in Ostra, The Black Madonna di Loreto  The Sanctuary of la Madonna di Frasassi. Santa Maria Appare of Ostra, & Santa Maria Maddelena of Senigallia . . . the Temple of Venus, iin Ancona, fountain and washing well. This pre-celtic goddess site in Montefortino of Archevia.

Culture – Food & Wine
. . . I am a passionate cook who generally improvises, so come ready with a pen a paper to write down recipes. I believe in ‘food as medicine”. I use locally grown and organic products, a lot of seeds, nuts and vegetables in my cooking. . . We will dine out a number of times . . . One day will be spent with Marco Candi a Sumiller and olive oil producer from Marco Way Tours. . . . you will be guests in the home of Michele Ugolini (our local Master Chef) and his family.

My home is an old large old apartment on the second level in the centre of the Ostra . . . You will share a room with one of the other guests. Every day the rooms will be cleaned and the beds made. Towel and sheets changed, cloths washed and ironed on request. There is one shared bathroom and we have WiFi.

Ostra is situated at the foot hills of the Apennine Mountains, 15 minutes inland from the sea side city of Senigallia on the Adriatic. . . . You will enjoy exploring the cobble stone streets and alleys

Extra: Assisi
I love Assisi. Although San Francesco and Santa Chiara are not a Madonna or a Goddesses they both touch my heart deeply. We will stay at St Anthony’s Guest house in the centre of Assisi . . . be taken on specialized and personalized tours of the significant places of Assisi.

Cost   (All fees are in euro)
Retreat in Ostra
7 nights & 8 days  €1,685 per person
Includes everything except, meals at restaurants.
If this date does not suit you, chose another date.
Extra: Trip to Assisi
2 nights in Assisi €290 each (cost based on 4 people)
Booking & Making Payment
FULL PAYMENT DUE by 10th September
please use PAYPAL
Chose your own dates
I will be running a number of Retreats in the coming year.  As soon as I know my schedule for next year I will put out some dates.
If there are 4 women who together would like to participate in this feminine journey, feel free to choose your own dates.

Web Site: www.dancingisis.com

Contact Name: Maria Sangiorgi
Contact Phone: +393385249255
Contact Email: dancingisis@gmail.com