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An Interview with Sacred Dance Guild Honorary Member - Paramjyoti Carola Stieber - Five Important Questions!
Date: July 9, 2020-
Location: On line - from Germany (10:00 am - EDT; 4:00 pm CEST)

We are very excited to have Paramjyoti Carola Stieber as our THIRD Interviewee in a series that will take place between June and August 2020.  This series will ask Sacred Dance Guild honorary members FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!  These questions were crafted by the Sacred Dance Guild Legacy Project Team who are working to create a Sacred Dance Guild Facilitator’s Accreditation Program.  We wanted to ensure that the deep thoughts of our honorary members are captured and included in the material that will be part of the Legacy Project to inform present and future sacred dancers.


REGISTER to find out!   Send an email to pres@sacreddanceguild.org with “PARAMJYOTI CAROLA STIEBER INTERVIEW” in the subject line and we will put you on the list.  Paramjyoti will be interviewed by SDG Member and Sacred Dance Facilitator Helena Froehlich using ZOOM as the on-line system.  Registrants will be sent a link by email prior to the event and will have the opportunity to have questions or comments posed to Paramjyoti at the end of the talk.

Carola StieberParamjyoti Carola Stieber was born in Southern Germany, and studied at the Ballet School of Karin Hermes-Sunke. After school she left her village and went to New York City, where she got a scholarship in Mary Anthoný’s Studio (Note:  Mary Anthony is also an Honorary member of the Sacred Dance Guild). In 1998, Paramjyoti graduated from the Dance Academy “AHK Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten” in Amsterdam, where she had met legends like Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith, with a diploma in Modern Dance. Driven by an inner need and supported by a physical injury, she discovered her own path and expression in dance.  In 2002, Paramjyoti founded her school of sacred dance: ‘Devadasi – Dance of the Heart’.  Throughout the first years of the school’s existence, Paramjyoti performed and taught in 20 different countries. Over this period, she had organized community-based and charitable programs, bringing people from different cultures and spiritual traditions together in music, dance and celebration.   A culmination of her lifelong devotion to dance, meditation, peace work, community-building, and spiritual practice had Paramjyoti spending four years on the creation, post-production and cinema tour of her film,Moving into the Infinite’.

Infinite.dance is the parent name of Paramjyoti’s activities and projects.  She is a professional dancer and dance facilitator.   Infinite.dance is an artistic and spiritual practice in music and dance for individuals, groups and the collective. Emphasis is on connecting with your own heart, from heart to heart and one culture and religion to another.   As a dancer and facilitator, Paramjyoti offers dance presentations, workshops, dances dedicated to individuals and single coaching classes.  The dance practice which is being conveyed is sacred dance in contemporary expression and independent of a certain spiritual lineage. Its practitioner is invited onto a mystical path. He/she is lead along ones own belief systems, and according to the sincerity towards ones own heart, to healing and self recognition. Professional dancers as well as amateurs are welcome to this practice.   Since the relationship between music and dance is essential and alive in her approach to dance,  she works exclusively with live music and co-creates with international musicians of numerous spiritual and artistic lineage.   Paramjyoti loves to collaborate with “heart families“ in different countries and from various spiritual traditions. What we all have in common is “the heart“.   This is what we turn towards, in the practice.  Using breath, deep listening, silence, sound, movement, music and dance to reconnect with our own “heart and self“, from heart to heart and one culture and religion to another.

For a pre-talk treat check out THE TRAILER  of Paramjyoti’s full length film Moving into the Infinite’  or for access to the full film go to the website at  https://infinite.dance/film/boutique/.