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SACRED SUNDAYS - MOVING MEDITATIONS - In Praise of the Summer Goddess - with Pamela White
Date: July 5, 2020-
Location: On Line - From Washington (7:30 pm EDT)

Pamela White 2The SDG has joined the many others who are offering on line gatherings where we can be “Socially Present” while “Physically Distant“!   These sessions are live from our living rooms, they are informal, intimate and interactive sharings and open to a maximum of 20 participants who want to connect in this way.   Register by emailing pres@sacreddanceguild.org.

This week Pamela White will take us through a time “In Praise of the Summer Goddess” – A Moving Meditation in the Style of Isadora Duncan.  Whether ancient or modern, deities of the seasons always rest in the mythopoetic realms until mere mortals conjure them into being to help explain the how and why of Earthly rhythms. For the Summer season, any archetypal deity will represent the culmination of fertility, the ripened fruit and fullness of life. But the Irish Goddess of Summer – Áine – adds a magical component. Like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Áine rules love and fecundity. But Áine also gives birth to the magical realm of the Faerie World. As Queen of the Faeries, Áine rules both the allure and the mischief of the Faeries. And just as each Faerie has a curative spirit to balance a little naughtiness, each of us carries within a Magical élan Vitale to balance our own inner mischief-maker. As sacred dancers, we reserve our mischief-maker for special occasions and harmless frivolity. But on a daily basis, we channel the life force to heal and safeguard the body as well as the spirit, anima and psyche.

Frequently cited as the mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan (1877 – 1927) steeped her movement in the mythopoetic realm of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, the rhythms of nature, the wave-like movements of light, winds and waters. But to explain further the Duncan dance would dilute the work. In the words of her brother, Raymond, “No one is capable of explaining her art and her message…” And in the words of Isadora herself, “One explains the dance better by dancing than by publishing commentaries and treatises.”    And so, we eschew the analysis. We simply dance.

Pamela White received her certification as an Isadora Duncan Movement Analyst from the Isadora Duncan International Institute in 2014. Her graduating project, Isadora Duncan and the Equine Instinct, incorporated a photographic study of choreography and rehearsal in a paddock with US Park Police horses. The study witnesses how readily Duncan technique engages horses for recreational therapy. As a registered therapeutic horseback riding instructor since 2007, Pamela has been teaching traditional riding for adults and children with various cognitive and physical disabilities. At present, she continues to refine her work with Duncan-based breath and movement to engage naturally with horses. In addition to her work as editor and child welfare case reviewer, Pamela currently provides meditation and Duncan-based expressive movement for social workers and staff at the Child and Family Services Agency, DC Government.

The Sacred Dance Guild is blessed to have Pamela gifting her presence with us leading this Sacred Sunday Moving Meditation.  During this time when our lives have changed almost instantly, continuing our personal, collective and global mind/body/spirit connection is so important.  We are grateful for those who lead us on these journeys of discovery as we dance on waves of grace together.  We will be using ZOOM for Sunday’s sessions.  It is a simple and accessible program with no cost to participants. It can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet or even cell phone. If you have not used ZOOM before join in a few minutes before 7:30 pm for a quick download prior to accessing the session. Using ZOOM you can hear/see the facilitators and choose whether others can SEE and HEAR you by turning OFF and ON your audio and video.

If you are one of the first 20 you will be advised and a link will be sent to you by email prior to the Session Start time.  If we receive more than 20 registrants we will let you know and schedule you for a future Sunday session.

If you have questions do be in touch with me.

Continuing to dance on waves of grace….

Wendy Morrell, President, Sacred Dance Guild