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Dance as a Spiritual Practice - Online Course
Date: June 14, 2015- June 21, 2015
Location: Online - from Cairo

A two hour workshop taught by Leslie Zehr, Esoteric Dance teacher from Egypt and author of ‘The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer’, designed to introduce the student to the elements of Sacred Dance and how it can be used as a Spiritual Practice.

The workshop is mainly lecture with some movement exercises, you need not be a dancer or have any dance experience.  For the beginner it is an opportunity to experience Dance as a moving meditation with no expectations about what it looks like, only what it feels like from the inside.  For students with previous Dance experience it is an opportunity to go back to the basics and deepen your experience.  The exercises are simple and fun.

What you will learn:

  • What is Sacred Dance?
  • What is Healing Dance?
  • How to ground and center, and why these are so important to the Dance.
  • Relaxation, receptivity and becoming the vessel.
  • Dance as co-creation with the Divine
  • How to create your own spiritual practice using movement and Dance.

*  The course is a pre-requisite for Part 2:  Introduction to the Alchemy of Dance.

Begins:  Sunday, June 14th

The online course is based on Leslie’s live 2-hour class broken into short digestible segments.  It consists of several webcasts/presentations (lectures) and 3 movement exercises.  The course will be available online for 1 week after the start date giving students ample time to complete the sessions.  Students are encouraged to move at their own pace.  The instructor will be available for email support and feedback throughout the course.  Students are encouraged to interact wit the instructor.

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Fees: $40
Through Paypal or Eventbrite

website:  http://www.UniversalDancer.com

Contact Name: Leslie
Contact Phone: +201001818480
Contact Email:  workshops@UniversalDancer.com