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Event Details

54 Capitols, 54 Dancers
Date: November 10, 2019-
Location: Capitol Cities in the United States

Dear Sacred Dance Guild friends:

  • I – Marylee Hardenbergh – am looking for performers to be part of a three minutes dance on the steps of each USA state capitol building on Sunday November 10th, 2019.
  • Performers do NOT need to be dancers.  The movements are very simple.
  • The vision for this event is to have 50+ solo women dancing tougher simultaneously on the steps of each stae capitol building and the 4 US territory capital buildings.
  • Time is TDB
  • The intention is for 50+ dancers to stand together, not FOR or AGAINST, just to stand beside, stand alongside – to send out ripples of goodness from the symbolic power centers of each location. The dancers will also be live streamed on video, creating a web that joins them together across space.
  • Organization of this event is happening in a very grassroots way.  We are working to identify performers at the different locations.  We would love you to consider being a performer and helping to bring this vision to life.
  • EACH performer will be asked to organize 2-4 additional support people to assist with the following:
    • 1 person to be on a group phone call to coordinate timing and possibly music
    • 1 person to live stream the performance through their phone or ipad
    • Optional additional 1-2 people to hold the space and answer questions from passerby’s
    • Planning calls in October/November – performers will be asked to participant in 1-2 planning calls.  During these calls we will walk through the sequence and details of the event and answer any questions.
    • Performance – the performance will be short – 1-3 minutes – clothing will be simple.  The details of the movements are still being defined but will likely be a combination of stillness and stationary movement.
    • Future Film – the goal is to create a short film about this event that will include excerpts of the different live stream videos.
  • If you are interested – please contact me with your name, your preferred phone number and email address and any questions you have.

Marylee Hardenbergh – 613-616-0306 – director.gsp@gmail.com