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The Ancient Sanctuary of the Great Mother
Date: October 7, 2020- October 14, 2020
Location: Dodona, Greece

DodonaA Gathering for Women led by Marylee Hardenbergh (Co-VP Sacred Dance Guild).

In a high valley between two mountains in central Greece lies a place called Dodona, an ancient oracle where the Great Mother was worshipped for millennia.  For many years, I have longed for a wondrous group of women to experience this sanctuary with me. So come, you strong-hearted dancers/choreographers! Come gather at my favorite site on Earth.

In my vision, we create sacred dances, individually and in synchrony, held by the Great Mother. The energy of the sanctuary flowing into us will become a lasting, deep, embodied connection.  Afterward, we disperse to our distant sites. On a day months hence, at precisely the same moment, we dance together, connecting our lands through movement, through simultaneity, through our intention. We will burst like a seed pod, the same dance scattered across separate continents, to cohere the spiritual energy of the planet.

Our experience will be inspired by Dodona itself, and informed by my own history as a dance therapist and site-specific choreographer. I will help us become a strong collaborative group of dancers, and choose a date to synchronize our “distant dance.”   The valley has very clean air, and a calm vibrancy which I felt the first time I visited twenty years ago. Here, at the archeological site, the Great Mother was worshipped for centuries, if not a millenium, before the Athenians dedicated a temple to Zeus older than the oracle at Delphi.

Retreatants and I will stay in the amazing Mirtali Art Hotel; its restaurant overlooks the valley and the Sanctuary. The hotel food, cooked by the mother of the owners, is amazing! Rooms are decorated in a unique style, each named after a Greek god or goddess. For part of each day, we will visit the ancient site, to absorb the peace of this Sanctuary of the Great Mother into our movements; at times we will be alone and at other times, visitors will come.  Each retreatant will also have time each day to take a trip to Mediterranean beaches, to visit the local city and its famous silversmiths, to relax at a scenic café in the mountains, and to take beautiful mountain walks.

The Retreat is for women only and limited to nine participants. Come dance with us; no previous experience required!

Retreat price is €1,000 (US $1,125 at the current exchange rate), which includes single occupancy hotel room, breakfast and dinner each day, and excursions. Dancers will arrange their own transportation to Dodona.

Details and register at https://www.globalsiteperformance.org/retreats/.