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Event Details

Dance in the Spirit - Weekend Retreat
Date: September 12, 2019- September 15, 2019
Location: Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Centre, Loveland, Colorado, USA

Join Presenter Dr. Carla Stalling Walters for a weekend retreat where we embrace all spiritual practices that are open to sacred dance as a cultural phenomenon. As mystics from ancient cultures have explained, much communication with the Higher Power, The Divine, or Higher Self comes through sacred dance. This kind of knowing and awareness is sometimes overlooked. I link this knowing and awareness and power from dance with spiritual recovery processes. We will dance every day of the retreat, drawing sacred dance from areas of the globe such as ancient Polynesia, Africa, and Mesoamerica, and the dances will be presented in an easy-to-follow format connected to what you will come to know as your Inner Mystic Dancer.

You don’t have to know how to dance! Your dance ability can be nonexistent or range up to professional dancer—in any genre and from any culture! Along with sacred dancing, we’ll laugh, play, we will write, pray, meditate, and practice visioning with imagination. We will transform our lives deliberately and purposefully.

Massages and walks, good food and attunements are here for you too!  Program – $560.00

For additional details or to register go to:  https://www.danceinthespirit.com/retreats-and-workshops

Accommodations are booked separately by clicking here

Contact Name: Carla Walter Contact Phone: 417 388 3474 Contact Email: dancinginspirit@icloud.com

Web Site: www.danceinthespirit.com