Event Details

The Sacred and Therapeutic Dance of Ancient Egypt
Date: June 6, 2015- June 7, 2015
Location: Room 2, St. Marks Church Community Centre, 250 George St., Fitzroy, Vic. Australia

Meet yourself in your Sacredness in the presence of others.

The sacred and therapeutic dance of Ancient Egypt can help us to heal our story.  Through this dance we empower ourselves by weaving our bodies to wholeness.  Join me – Maria Sangiorgi – in this healing dance and dance of Joy.  Weave your story with me and other women.  Learn to find your centre through the energetic spiral.  Learn to yield to your strength that lies within, a strength based on ebb and flow.  Letting go of the rigid amour that hols us together.  As we dance with joy with women as equals, creating a wheel of life that can lead us into a future full of Authenticity and Femininity.

My passion is to take people on a Shamanic Journey through dance and somatic awareness. A dance of change and transformation. Traveling through the varied layers of the psycho-physical and psycho spiritual realms. Allowing the dance to tell the story and then to listen attentively to the story through sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Because here lies the truth. Embracing the authenticity of the self through love and compassion

This dance journey is beyond Embodied Bellydance®, this is a “Dance Journey for the Awakening Heart”. Although for anyone who has been working with me knows that, each time they dance with me, it is not only the technique that gets better but other things happen. They cry tears of joy and sorrow. This time we are going to dive into the tears and dance them into our hearts.

I am grateful to all the amazing women in my life who I know will, nod their heads in the knowing or cry when they read this.

Cost:  $220.00

To register and for additional details:  http://www.embodiedbellydance.com/2014/07/make-a-payment/

Contact Maria at dancingisis@gmail.com