Event Details

Moving Mysteries - A Liturgical Dance Workshop
Date: March 6, 2017-
Location: St. James's Episcopal Church, Castle Acre, England

In cultures where history tells us that dance and the expression of the spirit were separated, it is becoming more and more accepted that sacred dance can help us rediscover the profound human expression that communes with and draws us closer to the power of the Spirit of the Divine.  Dance and sacred movement are a language to reaffirm the human body, recovering the body-spirit connection.  This is not an abstract theory, as participants can attest who see and feel the power, the majesty, and the prayerfulness of dance in the context of liturgy.  Dance can express a deep sense of reverence and a profound participation in worship, arousing joy and union.  The goal of dance and movement in worship is to connect us to the Divine through movement prayer, as an individual practice or the uplifting of an entire community.  Honoring the body’s wisdom, sacred dance celebrates and energizes people to participate in the fullness of life.  May our rediscoveries of ancient practices found in every faith tradition continue to touch the hearts of all!

The Sacred Dance Guild, founded in New England, USA in 1958, believes that sacred dance is a catalyst for spiritual growth and change through the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  Through workshops, festivals, and other events, all bodies are encouraged to participate in experiencing movement as worship, prayer, healing, and meditation, as an agent of social change, and as a message of peace.  The movement style of sacred dance is not geared to any specific dance form or technique.  Sacred dance arises from an inner motivation and commitment to the art form, which allows the revelation of the spirit through the body.   Members of the Sacred Dance Guild travelling to England from North America are delighted to have the opportunity to offer a workshop to local participants.

 This workshop is free of charge and open to all – NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Bring an open heart, an open mind and a body ready to move! 

Donations are accepted but not expected. 

The 2 hour workshop will include the following (plus whatever else might emerge!!)

  •  Welcome – SDG & Liturgical Dance Overview (Elaine Sisler/Wendy Morrell)
  • Warm Up (Noelle Partusch)
  • Moving Mysteries (Wendy Morrell)
  • Native American Arm Blessing (Mary Kamp & Elaine Sisler)
  • Bells of Norwich Circle Dance (Shirley Blancke & Greg Smith)
  • Lord’s Prayer (Noelle Partusch & Mercyhurst Students – to be offered in evening service)
  • Wade in the Water (Sylvia Bryant)
  • Closing – Mandala or Alleluia (Wendy Morrell)