Event Details

Mettler-based Creative Dance - 20th Creative Dance Congress - One Day Introductory Workshop
Date: June 20, 2015-
Location: Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island of Hawaii

The International Association for Creative Dance (IACD) – an affiliate organization of the Sacred Dance Guild – is sponsoring their 20th Creative Dance Congress – a 5 day immersion in Mettler-based Creative Dance at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat Centre on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Mettler-based Creative Dance awakens the kinesthetic sense and deepens the capacity for movement expression.  It is a language whose vocabulary is the interplay of the elements of dance:  force, time and space and whose expression is realized through individual and group dance improvisation.

This one day Introductory Workshop taught by Doug Victor is open to all but REQUIRED for those with no prior experience in Mettler-based dance.

Cost:  $50.00US – $25.00 for local and HI students.

Deadline to Register:  March 20th

For more information, contact:  Sue Pfaffl, csuepfaffl@gmail.com 520-297-4370

Website:  www.dancecretive.org