Event Details

Mettler-based Creative Dance - 5 Day Immersion - 20th Creative Dance Congress
Date: June 21, 2015- June 26, 2015
Location: Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island of Hawaii

The International Association for Creative Dance (IACD) – an affiliate organization of the Sacred Dance Guild – is sponsoring their 20th Creative Dance Congress – a 5 day immersion in Mettler-based Creative Dance at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat Centre on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Mettler-based Creative Dance awakens the kinesthetic sense and deepens the capacity for movement expression.  It is a language whose vocabulary is the interplay of the elements of dance:  force, time and space and whose expression is realized through individual and group dance improvisation.

  • $75.00 for IACD Members (& SDG Members); $105.00 Non Members
  • Special – Local & HI students – Partial attendance only for Monday &/or Tuesday full day @ $25.00/day &/or Wed a.m. @ 12.50.  Partial attendance for these days DOES require previous Mettler-based experience OR the Introductory workshop with Doug Victor on June 20th.  Request for partial attendance to be made to csuepfaffl@gmail.com.
  • Lodging as low as $100 per day including meals.
  • Introductory Workshop taught by Doug Victor – June 20th (Open to all but REQUIRED for those with no prior experience in Mettler-based dance)
  • Deadline to Register:  March 20th

For more information, contact:  Sue Pfaffl, csuepfaffl@gmail.com 520-297-4370

Website:  www.dancecretive.org