Event Details

We're Dancing!!!
Date: January 29, 2017-
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Bells Corners United Church, 3955 Old Richmond Road, Ottawa

This is our third in our “We’re Dancing” series that will take place on the last Sunday of each month until June 2017. Each month is led by a different facilitator as we explore the statement

“Dance as an expression of the sacred moves in and through me as….”  

This month Elke Kasanda, who has been practicing many types of yoga, ashtanga, kundalini and Korean Tai Chi, will lead us in a vibration yoga practice which includes freestyle dancing with Asian drumming music and meditation. Dancing with drums is a way we create a more healthful and energetic state. Using our bodies and energy in a vibrating dance we create more energy. This is because we are actually using our mind, along with the vibration of the body, to tap into energy from within ourselves. Vibration stimulates circulation throughout the body releasing stress and stagnant energy while recharging us. The practice of dancing with drums incorporates several methods for improving the body’s flexibility, core strength, and energy, as well as for relaxation and meditation.

This is a free event – donations will be accepted but not expected!

If you would like additional information or have questions contact Wendy Morrell at 613-726-1375