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We're Dancing!!! Dance as an Expression of the Sacred Moves in and Through Me as....
Date: November 27, 2016-
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Our monthly session of “We’re Dancing” is coming up this Sunday!

were-dancing-nov-27thThis is a time for ALL to explore, experience and experiment with dance as an expression of the sacred. Each month (except December) we will have different facilitators leading us in this exploration.   This truly is a time for anyone and everyone to see what it’s all about – regardless as to how you define yourself.  Last month we had a number of people who said they were “non-dancers”…..  In my thinking – we are all dancers – if we are breathing and moving through life we are dancing and we are dancers!  Our society has created these definitions and expectations – let’s collectively say NOPE – we ARE all dancers!!   This month I am excited to try an experiment of my own.  I have often wondered who “choreographed” the original dances of the world’s cultures?   Many dances have been passed down for generations.  We don’t know where or how they were created but we can see them still offered by large groups in villages and places all over the planet….  and we don’t see “credit” anywhere to the original choreographer!!  So – I’d like to facilitate a process where we collectively create a new and original dance piece – right here on November 27th!!  Perhaps generations from now some group will be offering the piece somewhere on the planet….(or maybe on another planet!).   We’ll start the evening off with a few existing circle dances to be in touch with past generations (led by Sheryl-Elaine Brazeau) and then we’ll see what emerges from there!  Come on out and CO-CREATE!

Facilitator:  Wendy Morrell, 613-726-1375

Bells Corners United Church, 3955 Old Richmond Road, Ottawa

6:30 – 8:00 pm

FREE – No Registration Required.  Donations only.