Event Details

The Dancer as a Channel - Awakening Through the Chakras
Date: March 26, 2016-
Location: SomaSpace, 4050 NE Boradway St., Portland, OREGON

The chakras are energy centers in our body that provide a pathway for healing and fulfilling our highest potential.  Allow dance to help channel your energy inward and upward to the Divine, as we move through each charka.  Discover your authentic movement with the guidance of visualizations, affirmations, anduplifting music.

No experience necessary!

For over 13 years Avital has been leading healing yoga and dance programs worldwide.  She has performed various styles of dance globally.,  She also draws from living in a spiritual community for six years and her dance major at Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

Cost:  $35.00 pre registration (before March 25); $50.00 at the door

To register contact Avital: 503-307-3756; avitalpgmiller@gmail.com