Why support the Sacred Dance Guild?

When you make a donation to the Sacred Dance Guild, you support an organization that:

  • Connects sacred dancers from around the world,
  • Supports all forms of sacred dance, and
  • Reaches out to promote dance as a sacred art.


We give our deepest bows to those who have donate regularly and open our arms for others who want be the wind beneath our wings!


A sacred dancer reaching out towards the divine.
A sacred dancer reaching out towards the divine.

The SDG connects an international network of sacred dancers, many of whom are experts in their field.

Your donation supports this network, which allows sacred dancers to exchange expertise and develop their skills, which they in turn share with their communities.

“My fellow Sacred Dance Guild members inspire and guide me to become a more patient and intentioned dancer and teacher. The greatest blessing is that the SDG embraces dancers of all abilities and backgrounds. We connect with the divine through our creativity and compassion for one another.” — Elaine Herg Sisler, Massachusetts (USA)


The SDG supports all forms of sacred dance by encouraging each dancer to explore their own personal brand of movement and by providing educational and inspiring programming.

Your donation supports this encouraging community and educational programming, which helps sacred dancers stay energized and inspired for the work they do within their communities.

“When I was running the liturgical dance ministry at my church, the Sacred Dance Guild was where I recharged. I always came away from festival filled with new ideas and energy. It wasn’t just the dancing that revitalized me, it was also the community of dancers.” — Jessica Clark, Ontario (Canada)


The SDG reaches out beyond its membership to the whole world to promote dance as a sacred art, knowing it is a unifying, transforming and healing force that has the power to strengthen individuals and communities.

Your donation supports:

  • The Sacred Dance Global Outreach (SDGO) program, which raises funds and supplies for dancers struggling under the conditions of poverty, violence and oppression.
  • Collaborations with other organizations that use dance to raise awareness of issues of international concern, such as clean water or domestic violence.
  • Unique resources on sacred dance that are freely available online, such as the Sacred Dance Guild Journal and the Sacred Dance Experience video series.

“I believe all dance is inherently sacred and at its best seeks truth and light. The Sacred Dance Guild dances toward these goals with eyes open and welcomes all to the dance — from trained dancers to beginners — spreading grace, harmony and healing across faith spectrums and nations.” — Martha Chapman, New York (USA)


Bequests and Planned Giving

Please consider including the SDG in your will, or another planned giving option, such as a gift annuity or charitable trust. Consult your financial advisor to determine which giving option is right for you.

November 2021 –  We pay special tribute to Sophia Podrozny on the 1st anniversary of her Celebration of Life/Funeral.  Sophia was a much loved member of the Sacred Dance Guild who shared a generosity of spirit to everyone she touched in her all too short time dancing on this planet.   The Sacred Dance Guild also touched Sophia who recognized that relationship with a generous gift to the SDG in her final wishes.  We send dancing waves of grace to her daughter Deanna and to all who were privileged to have danced with her.

The Sacred Dance Guild is a 501(3)c charitable organization in the United States and therefore donations, gifts and membership dues are tax deductible in the United States. The SDG’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)/Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 02-0270736.