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The Crack Between the Worlds: A Dancer's Memoir of Loss and Faith books
7Dance Company Dance Organizations
A Retreat with Our Lady, Dominic and Ignatius: Praying with Our Bodies books
Acrobats of the Gods: Dance and Transformation (American Journal of Dance Therapy) books
Adversaries of Dance: From the Puritans to the Present books
American Military Movement Relating Sacred Dance booklets
Ancient Egyptian Dances books
Ancient Fertility Dances of the Middle East (Theses for Degree of Master of Fine Arts #224, Drama and Theater) books
And Mary Pondered booklets
And We Have Danced, Vol. 2: A History of the Sacred Dance Guild 1972 books
And We Have Danced, Vol. 3: books
And We Have Danced: A History of the Sacred Dance Guild 1958 books
Appropriating Australian Folk Dance in Sacred Dance booklets
Art and Science of Dance & Movement Therapy: Life is Dance books
Art of Making Dances, The books
Avodah Dance Groups
Awakening Sacred Dance Through Spirituals and Scripture books
Ballet Afsaneh Dance Organizations
Bao Bao Festival Dance Organizations
Belly Dance Costumes dance wear
Belly Dancing The Sacred Shapes with The Godess Dancing videos
Belly Dancing: From Cave to Cult to Cabaret books
Bible in Israeli Folk Dances books
Biblical Criteria in Modern Dance booklets
Black Elk's Religion : the sun dance and Lakota Catholicism books
Body & Soul books
Book of the Dance books
Bushman Shaman: Awakening the Spirit through Ecstatic Dance books
Cambodian dance. Buong Suong videos
Carla DeSola workshop leaders
Catch the New Wind books
Celebrating Pentecost Through Dance books
Chagall Windows as Choreography: Stained Glass As Inspiration for Dance booklets
Changing Biblical Imagery and Artistic Identity in Twentieth Century Liturgical Dance booklets
Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey books
Children Dancing today's Challenges: Dances for Religious Growth in Supportive Groups books
Choreography and Dance magazines
Christian Body Dances, The booklets
Christian Sacred Dance Dance Groups
Christian Sacred Dance: an ethnography of performance and symbolic books
Church Becoming Christ's body: the Small Church's Manual of Dances, Dances for Holy Seasons books
Circles-Cycles Kathak Dance videos
Coast Salish Spirit Dancing: the survival of an ancestral religion books
Come Sing and Dance: the words from an old carol set to music books
Common ground: Dance & Disability videos
Congregational Dancing in Christian Worship books
Conscious Dancer Dance Organizations
Considerations for Starting and Stretching Sacred Dance Choirs books
Corporealities: Dancing Knowledge, Culture and Power books
Cosmic Dance, The books
Creative Habit, The books
Creative Movement: Steps Towards Understanding (Reconciliation in Groups) books
Crystal Chalice: Spiritual Themes for Women books
Culture in Motion: a study of the interrelationship of dancing, sorrowing, hunting, and fighting as performed by the Warlpiri women of Central Australia books
Dance - the Sacred Art (The Joy of Movement as a Spiritual Practice) books
Dance and Devotion books
Dance and Prayer: Meaningful Methods with High School Students and with Adults booklets
Dance and the Christian Faith books
Dance as a Theatre Art: Source Readings in Dance History from 1581 to the Present books
Dance as Community Identity among Selected Berber Nations of Morocco. articles
Dance as Prayer booklets
Dance as Prayer: Excerpted and Revised from Dance for the Lord books
Dance as Religious Studies books
Dance Distributors dance wear
Dance Encyclopedia books
Dance Film Association videos
Dance for the Lord books
Dance Horizons Dance Organizations
Dance in Hebrew Poetry booklets
Dance in Its Time books
Dance Magazine magazines
Dance Movement Therapy Training workshop leaders
Dance Movement Therapy: Theory and Practice books
Dance of Life, The books
Dance Poster.com catalogues
Dance Technique of Doris Humphrey and Its Creative Potential. 2nd ed. books
Dance Through the Ages: A Vivid, Richly Illustrated Chronicle of Dance books
Dance Vision Festival workshop leaders
Dance was her Religion books
Dance! books
Dance-Movement Therapy: A Healing Art books
Dance: Rituals of Experience books
DanceAbility Dance Groups
Danceprayer videos
Dancewear Solutions dance wear
Dancing Christmas Carols books
Dancing Church of the South Pacific, The videos
Dancing Church: Video Impressions of the Church in Africa. videos
Dancing Festivals of the Church Year books
Dancing for God books
Dancing for Joy: A Biblical Approach to Praise and Worship books
Dancing God's People into the Year 2000: a critical look at dance performance in the church booklets
Dancing Gods: Indian Ceremonies of New Mexico and Arizona books
Dancing in One World videos
Dancing in the Spirit: A Scriptural Study of Liturgical Dance books
Dancing into the Anointing books
Dancing on Higher Ground articles
Dancing On the Earth books
Dancing People, A books
Dancing the Chakras Dance Organizations
Dancing the Christmas Carols videos
Dancing the Christmas Carols books
Dancing the Deep Hum books
Dancing the New Testament: A Guide to Texts for Movement books
Dancing the Old Testament: Christian Celebrations of Israelite Heritage for Worship and Education books
Dancing Through Pentecost: Dance Language in Worship, Pentecost to Thanksgiving books
Dancing Wheels books
Dancing with Disabilities: Opening the Church to All God's Children books
Dancing With Early Christians books
Dancing with God: The Trinity from a Womanist Perspective books
Dancing with the Early Christians books
Dancing Word: Mary Magdalene, The videos
Dare to Dance with Him books
Deep Hum music
Denishawn Dances On! videos
Denishawn, The Birth of Modern Dance videos
Devotion in Motion books
Dictionary of the Dance books
Divine Dancer: a biography of Ruth St. Denis books
Doris Humphrey: An Artist First books
Dr. Francis Barbosa Dance Organizations
Drama of Dance in the Local Church books
Dramatic Dance With Children in Education and Worship books
Earth Dance Drum: A Celebration of Life books
Earth Dancing, Mother Nature's Oldest Rite books
Ecstatic Dance, Portland OR Dance Groups
Embodied Prayer:Towards Wholeness of Body, Mind, Soul books
Esclarmonde Tuk workshop leaders
Ethnic Arts Institute Dance Organizations
Exercising Kindom Dominion in Dance: What Christian Dancers Bring to the Stage that Worldy Dancers Cannot books
Financing a Sacred Dance Choir booklets
Focus on Dance X: Religion and Dance books
Folk Dance Association Dance Organizations
Foundations of Dance-Movement Therapy: The Life and Work of Marian Chace books
Gatherings from a Dancer's Journal books
Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes dance wear
Gift to be Simple: Songs, Dances, and Rituals of American Shakers books
Gilded Serpent Dance Organizations
Glorious! Instructional Dance Video in Hip-Hop Style videos
God is a Verb books
God's People on the Move, a manual for leading congregations in dance and movement books
Good Fruit Expressive Arts workshop leaders
Gospel According to Dance: Choreography and the Bible from Ballet to Modern books
Great Leap Dance Organizations
Guidelines to Starting and Maintaining a Church Dance Ministry books
Her Wings Unfurled books
Here I Am - Instructional Lyrical and Hip-Hop Dance Video videos
History of Symbolic Movement in Worship books
Hula Historical Perspectives books
Hymns in Action for Everyone from 9 to 90 Dancing Today books
I Need Thee - Instructional Dance Video in Lyrical Style videos
I was Born to Dance: From Topless to Top Class books
I'm In Charge of Celebrations choreography
Insight Media catalogues
International Encyclopedia of Dance: 6 Volume Set books
Introducing Dance in Christian Worship books
Involving People in Dancing Worship: Historic and Contemporary Patterns booklets
Irish Dance and Spirituality: Relating Folkdance and Faith books
Isadora Duncan International Institute, The Dance Organizations
Island Possessed books
Jewish Sacred Dance kit videos
Joy Shoppe dance wear
JoyBeth Lufty workshop leaders
Kathakali Dance-Drama: Where Gods and Demons Come to Play books
Khmer Court Dance: Cambodian Royal Court Dance books
Lady of the Dance: A Movement Approach to Biblical Figures of Wisdom in Worship booklets
Latifa Berry Kropf workshop leaders
Leaps of Faith, Improvisational Dance booklets
Leaven Dance Company Dance Groups
Lisa Capozzoli performers
Liturgical Dance books
Liturgical Dance videos
Liturgical Dance books
Liturgical Dance: Practical Guide to Dancing in Worship books
Look Up and Live: Dance in Prayer and Meditation books
Lord of the Dance videos
Lord of the Dance books
Magi (The Heart of Man's a Palace) music
Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance (M.U.C.I.D.), The Dance Organizations
Main Street Praisewear dance wear
Making the Connection: A Comparison of Dance in Concert Versus Worship books
Martha Graham, A Dancer's Life books
Masterworks Festival Dance Organizations
Mexican and Native American Dances in Christian Worship and Education books
Modern Liturgy magazines
Movement in Prayer in a Hasidic Mode booklets
Movement in Worship: Communicating the Gospel Through Dance booklets
Multicultural Calendar booklets
Music and Dance in the Worship Program of the Church books
Music and Dance of the World's Religions: a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of materials in the English language books
My Body is the Temple books
My Life books
Narthaki Dance Organizations
Natraj: Indian Dances through the Ages, History, Theory, and Practical Guidance books
New Categories for Dancing the Old Testament booklets
Non-Judgmental Sacred Dance: Simple Ways to Pray in Dance books
Notebooks of Martha Graham books
Oxford Dictionary of Dance books
Parabola, The Magazine of Myth and Tradition magazines
Passion Ministries International Dance Organizations
Performer as Priest and Prophet books
Please Walk Beside me: Instructional Dance Video videos
Praise Him in the Dance books
Prayer and our Bodies books
Preeti Vasudevan Dance Organizations
Prenatal Dance Fitness videos
Primer of Prayer Gesture books
Prophetic Dance: Communicating Divine Revelation through Movement books
Purpose of the Dance: Volume 1 books
Ragmala Music and Dance Theatre Dance Organizations
Rainbow Child International Dance Organizations
Redemtive Dancing: Prayer Dance and Congregational Dance in the Life of the Contemporary Church booklets
Rejoice! booklets
Rejoice: A Biblical Study of Dance books
Religious Dances in the Christian Church and in Popular Medicine books
Religious Signing: A Comprehensive Guide for All Faiths books
Restoring the Dance: Seeking God's Order books
Rhode Island Dance Dance Organizations
Rivers of Praise Worship Through Movement books
Ruth St Denis: A Biography of the Divine Dancer (American Studies Series #21) books
Ruth St Denis: An Unfinished Life. An Autobiography books
Sacred Dance & Senior Citizens in Churches, Convalescent Homes, and Retirement Homes booklets
Sacred Dance in Germany Dance Organizations
Sacred Dance of the Yogis videos
Sacred Dance with Physically and Mentally Handicapped books
Sacred Dance with Senior Citizens booklets
Sacred Dance, Encounter With the Gods books
Sacred Dance: A Study in Comparative Folklore books
Sacred Dance: Rebirth and The Call books
Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance books
Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance: Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual books
Scriptural Choreography: Biblical Dance Forms in Shaping Worship booklets
Shackles - Instructional Dance Video in Hip-Hop Style videos
SKYLOOM Dance Groups
Society and the Dance books
Son Dance Ministry dance wear
Soul Judaism: Dancing with God into a New Era books
Soul to Sole With Seniors books
Sovereign: Instructional Dance DVD in Hip-Hop Style videos
Spiral Dance books
Spirit Home Religious Organizations
Spiritual Choreography booklets
Stella Matsuda, Alleluia Dance Theater workshop leaders
Story of Louis Horst and the American Dance, The booklets
Sylvia B. Bryant workshop leaders
Taking a Stance on Dance booklets
Tantric Buddhist Dances of Nepal videos
The Crack between the Worlds: a dancer's memoir of loss, faith and family books
Theology in the Shape of Dance: Dance use in Worship and Theology booklets
Thinking Body, Dancing Mind books
This Moment Events Dance Organizations
Tibetan Sacred Dance books
Time to Dance, A books
Time to Dance: An Invitation books
Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance: the expression of grief and joy in Israelite religion books
To Dance With God books
Too Deep for Words: A Theology of Liturgical Expression books
Torah in Motion: Creating Dance Midrash books
Total Education in Ethnic Dance books
Trade Like Any Other: Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt books
Trance and Dance in Malaya: the Hindu-Buddhist complex in northwest Malay folk religion books
Transcendence with the Human Body in Art books
Transcendental Dancing books
Treasure of Jesus: Lyrical Dance Instruction Video videos
United Methodist Resources Religious Organizations
Urban Bush Women Dance Groups
Using Movement Creatively in Religious Education books
Valerie Henry Dance Ministries dance wear
Variations on The Lord of the Dance music
Vision of the Sacred Dance books
Vitalizing Worship with Dance booklets
Walking a Sacred Path books
What is Dance Therapy, Really? books
What the Body Wants: From the Creators of Interplay books
What We Do and Why We Do It videos
When The Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm books
Whirling Dervishes: Being an Account of the Sufi Order Knows as the Mevelevis and Its Founder books
Wisdom Comes Dancing: Selected Writings of Ruth St. Denis on Dance, Spirituality and the Body books
With Hearts and Hands and Voices: Songs with Sign Language for Sunday School, Choir, and Worship books
Woman's Book of Power: Using Dance to Cultivate Energy and Health in Mind, Body and Spirit books
World History of the Dance books
World Music & Dance: Egypt/Tunisia/Morocco/Mali: Middle East & Africa II (Vol. 17) (VHS) videos
Worship Steps Dance Organizations
Yakshagana: Dance Drama of South India: Ravana videos
Zikr Dance Ensemble Dance Groups

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