Erika Thimey Dance & Theater Company

Erika Thimey
March 12, 1910 - September 20, 2006
Liturgical Dance Pioneer * Modern Dance Leader

Erika Thimey is credited, along with Ruth St. Denis, as one of the founders of the liturgical dance movement in the United States. Born in Germany, Erika trained with the renowned Mary Wigman. She came to the U.S. in 1932 and became an influential performer and teacher.

Impressed by the vitality of worship services she experienced in Chicago, Erika began her exploration of sacred dance. She introduced dance into churches around the country and became a fervent believer in the transforming power of dance and a faithful member of the Sacred Dance Guild.

Today, Erika's choreography is performed by the Erika Thimey Dance and Theater Company, which honors the dancer's legacy with special events this centennial year.

In 1999, Erika published an autobiography/biography, A Life of Dance, A Dance of Life, written with Dianne Hunt. SDG marked the occasion with a lively celebration. Read about it in this article written by SDG Potomac Chapter member Sally Moravitz and published in the SDG Journal, Winter 2000. (click for article)


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