The Sacred Dance Guild has been providing education, resources, and networking about Sacred Dance through its members and volunteer Board and Committees since 1958. To keep up with the latest happenings, click on this page every now and then for an "SDG UPDATE" written by its current President. The links on this page will also help you stay informed about your Sacred Dance Guild. The latest update will be the first one you see. Scroll down for dated past entries.

June 2014
The Sacred Dance Guild continues to enjoy amazing programs by and for our members, supporters, sacred dancers from many backgrounds, experiences and dance forms and for the community in general! Since our March update we have:

  • continued the "Sacred Sundays" online video experience with monthly videos being posted
  • been busy updating our online Journal with articles from the past and posting new ones as they arrive
  • had a wonderful workshop in New York City in May 2014 partnering with Omega Dance Company, Trinity Movement Choir, Middle Collegiate Church and the Church of the Village - in true sacred dance style - the show went on! Despite Carla DeSola, who was to lead the May workshop "Beyond Words", being unable to travel from California to NYC to facilitate the event, members from the Sacred Dance Guild and the groups identified above came together for two wonderful "mini" workshops with the results being 3 pieces offered at the Church of the Village Sunday service. Click here to see videos of the movement pieces offered. (Note - The "Beyond Words" workshop is being re-scheduled for September 2014 - watch our website for details!)
  • started initial work on a new membership program (scheduled for Fall 2014) for members to have an annual “Hour with an Expert” (on many different aspects of sacred dance)
  • started initial work on our website renewal project. Stay tuned!
  • started initial discussions with our Australian members who are planning to lead a Sacred Dance Journey to Bali in May 2015!
  • posted registration and information on our summer event “Weaving Webs of Light” happening in Ottawa, Canada, August 16th - 17th. (register quickly - space is limited!)
  • are preparing our Board of Directors ballots for the 2014/15 year

Do join our Facebook Fan and Group pages to keep up with the latest that is happening here, there and everywhere! Check the online Calendar of Events to see what is happening in your local area or in an area you might be visiting!

As always - we would love to have YOU join us as a member of the Sacred Dance Guild, check out our membership page and join us on our continuing journey of discovery through dance as a sacred art!

Dancing on,

Wendy Morrell

March 2014
It's been a whirlwind few months with the Sacred Dance Guild! Following the amazing "Doors" concert in New York City in October we:

  • launched our "Sacred Sundays" on line video experience on January 5th ,
  • have been busy updating our on line Journal with articles from the past and posting new ones as they arrive,
  • had a very successful Sacred Dance Guild's 56th birthday donation campaign (ending February 10th) - HUGE thank you to all who supported the Sacred Dance Guild this way,
  • were dancing furiously at the Winter Board meeting (Feb. 28 - Mar. 2) in the Boston area - planning, planning, planning...
  • are excited to be working with partners for the upcoming "Beyond Words" workshop with Carla DeSola in New York City, May 2014 AND
  • are beginning plans for the Summer 2014 Workshop and Annual General Gathering in Ottawa, Canada - August 2014 - watch for further details!

Do join our Facebook Fan and Group pages to keep up with the latest that is happening here, there and everywhere! If you aren't already a member of the Sacred Dance Guild, check out our membership page and considering joining us on the journey - we'd love to have you dancing with us!

Dancing on...

Wendy Morrell

November 5, 2013
"There are things known and things unknown.... and between them are The Doors".

Over 35 Sacred Dance Guild members from the North, South, East and West of North America, travelling by plane, bus, train, car, subway and on foot, came together in New York City on October 24th and there began a journey of discovery!

This collaboration between the Sacred Dance Guild and the Trinity Movement Choir (from Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church) was the inspiration of SDG member and Trinity Movement Choir Director, Marilyn Green, who took the above quote and created the idea of a movement mandela to explore the doors of BIRTH, DEATH, FEAR and LOVE.

Marilyn, a visual artist, also personally created and painted these FOUR amazing doors!

Read full update

Looking forward to many, many more Sacred Dance Guild gatherings... they are truly nourishment for the mind, body and soul!

Dancing with you....

Wendy Morrell

October 15, 2013

Dear Sacred Dancers:
It has been an amazing three months since taking over as the President of the Sacred Dance Guild at the end of June 2013. I so appreciate the many cards, letters and emails that members and supporters have sent to me personally and I am humbled by the generosity and kindness of spirit expressed!

I want everyone to know that we have an incredible Board of Directors who are committed, enthusiastic and ready to work tirelessly in their continued passion for dance as a sacred art and for the continued work of the Sacred Dance Guild. SO - we have been busy for these past three months - some items of note...

  • The upcoming "New York City Adventure" is almost here! We are so looking forward to dancing at Trinity Church on October 27th at 2:30 as a benefit concert for the Sacred Dance Guild called "The Doors". We are also excited to have the New York City network offering a version of the performance on Friday, October 25th at 7:30 at St. Francis Xavier church.
  • We're moving quickly forward on the new "Sacred Sundays" video series called "The Sacred Dance Experience" where members of the Sacred Dance Guild will offer short classes and performances on line accessible to all on the Internet every Sunday evening for a three month period scheduled to begin in November! Check back to see details and times - we'll be posting those soon!
  • Lastly - the GREAT news that our Sacred Dance Journey to Costa Rica is now scheduled for February 15th to 21st 2014. Join us at the award winning Ama Tierra retreat center for a week that will be nourishment for the mind, body and soul!

Don't forget to sign up through our Online Journal to receive e-mails that announce newly posted articles and "Like" us on our Facebook Fan Page. If you're not a member yet, consider Joining us to receive our monthly updates and to be an integral part of an amazing group supporting dance as a sacred art in its many forms and spiritual expressions!!

Dancing with you,
Wendy Morrell

June 5, 2013

Dear Sacred Dancers,
I want to send out "Many Dancing Blessings" to you all and especially to all the Board of Directors members I have had the honor of working with over the past 8 years. In a few weeks, "the changing of the guard" will have begun and I ask that you all join me in your continual support for the inspiring work SDG does through the leadership of its President and Board of Directors.

Join us in Costa Rica in September for our 2nd Sacred Dance Journey. Your new Board of Directors will be sharing their skills at our Annual Membership Meeting and Sacred Dance Workshop the first weekend in August along the East Coast of the USA. Don't forget about signing up through our Online Journal to receive e-mails that announce a newly posted article and "Like" us on our Facebook Fan Page.

It's been quite an inspiritational journey serving in order to "Dance the Sacred, Move the World!" with you all...
Namaste, JoyBeth

May 1, 2013
It's that time of year when we need our members to step on up and commit to being a Board Member, helping to do SDG's important work and ensuring its future. Among other things,we really need members with Public Relations - fundraising and development - skills! Now that our JOURNAL has gone online and is available to the reading public and to have member's new articles published 24/7, make sure you sign up to receive an e-mail that lets you know when a Journal article has been published online...

Stay tuned to these updates for the dates and info on our up and coming Fall Concert in New York City with Trinity's Movement Choir seen here from their performance last summer at our Sacred Dance Festival.... We hope you have a passport so you can join us in Costa Rica for our Sacred Dance Journey in September... And don't forget about our Annual Membership Meeting and Sacred Dance Workshop in August on the East Coast...


April 3, 2013
Your Board is happy to announce that Wendy Morrell, a Board Member for many years, will become SDG's first Canadian President this summer! Can you join us at our Annual Membership Meeting and Sacred Dance Workshop? We'd love to have you there. Here's Wendy volunteering long hours last summer at Festival 2012.

We're also delighted to let you know that our SDG Journal of 55 years has once again been transformed and this time into an ongoing, online, open free to the public Journal written by SDG members. Be sure to check out SDG's new YouTube Channel for all our latest Sacred Dance videos. Join us in June representing your community in Global Water Dances and come dance with us in Costa Rica come September through Sacred Dance Journeys...

March 12, 2013
Global Water Dances are coming up in June and we're encouraging all SDG members to participate in their various community's representing SDG. And to spread the word! Please let us know the details about your participation so we can post it on our website...

Below are some of your board members in Cincinnati, Ohio, dancing their way through SDG's Winter Board Meeting held in February. The Winter 2013 Board Minutes are now available for members. Also available is a report on The Scope Of Management Services or what Next Wave Management provides SDG.

It's time to get our Board Ballot ready for 2013-2014 so contact to become a part of the team that we have to have to keep SDG dancing the sacred into the future... It would be wonderful if you could join us for The Annual Membership Meeting in August, either in person or through electronic media (more info to be posted soon)... Our second Sacred Dance Journey is coming up in Sept. and registration is open: Moving With The Sacred Rhythms In Nature (Costa Rica) ...

February 12, 2013
Our dance supplies have arrived in Croatia and the ones slated for Armenia will be sent soon! They were delayed by Hurricane Sandy. Below is a picture of the shipment having arrived in Croatia. There are other pictures on our Facebook Group Page. Within a month or two we'll have many more details on our website so stay tuned...

At our Winter Board Meeting held in Cincinnati Ohio (a special THANKS goes to Mary and Bob Kamp and their neighbors!), our Board of Directors vowed that SDG will keep on dancing! Soon we'll let you all know how and about the two special events we've begun planning for 2013 and 2014, in addition to our Sacred Dance Journey to Costa Rica... Our Summer 2013 Board Meeting, Annual Membership Meeting, and Traveling Workshop will be the first weekend in August in New London, Connecticut: details coming soon...

January 10, 2013
Our Winter Board Meeting will be in Ohio Feb. 8-11 and will be pivotal in deciding SDG's future so contact if you can help us solve our "movers and moneys" challenge. One of our latest Sacred Dance Global Outreach events took place at last summer's Festival "Dance A World of Hope" through our "Flash Mob Community Dance" where we delivered many pairs of shoes and some money tor the local Women's Shelter. Click here to read the Thank You Letter from Hope Michigan. Another of our SD-GO projects was co-sponsoring a global interfaith conference in Sedona Arizona where we created world come-unity through dancing the sacred. Many did not know about Sacred Dance and loved it!

It's time to start registering for our second Sacred Dance Journey this time to Costa Rica September 22-28 "Moving With The Sacred Rhythms in Nature." We need writers for our Spring Journal so contact Many thanks to those who responded to our end of the year giving opportunity & Happy New Year!

December 5, 2012
It's that special giving time of year: Click here for our 2012 Annual Letter of Giving and here to make your donation. Thanks and blessings for your generosity and help in "Dancing the Sacred and Moving the World." This month, our SDG is co-sponsoring an event in Sedona where we will be Dancing the Sacred in come-unity with others from all over the world. There is still time to register, so come join us...

You too can Dance the Sacred in your local community just like our members in Hawaii do. For all the how to's on joining or starting a SDG Local Network, click here.

Your SDG Board of Directors continues to dance The SDG Boogie for you and needs your help. Contact us and know that we are wishing you many moving moments and spotlight love during The Holiday Season!

November 6, 2012
Our Fall 2012 Journal is now online for SDG Members. Due to technical difficulties, there will be no hard copies printed and mailed to those on that list. A selection of Festival 2012 Pictures are also now online so click here and enjoy!

The Sedona Conference:Birthing The Fifth World, of which SDG is a co-sponsor of, is coming up in December. We'd love for you to join us there in making come-unity through Sacred Dance. You can also start registering for SDG's 2nd Sacred Dance Journey to Costa Rica for September 2013. Keep tuning into this ever-adding-to website for all of SDG's latest! And THANK YOU for what you are doing to move Sacred Dance throughout our world.

October 2, 2012
SDG's Public Relations Co-Director, Elaine Sisler, is busy at work sorting and shipping over 50 boxes of donated dance supplies for Armenian and Croation children who need them. This is part of our SD-GO program and we're thrilled to be collaborating with many others in our three countries in order to make this happen.

SDG is also co-sponsoring, with other international groups, The Sedona 2012 Birthing The Fifth World Conference in Sedona Arizona Dec. 19-21. Come join others from all over the world in learning sacred dances focused on community, or come-unity, building.

If you attended Festival 2012 and ordered a Photo CD you will be receiving it soon. For those who were unable to attend but need some wonderful pictures of sacred dancing to view and use, you can order John Morrell's extensive Dance A World of Hope Photo CD by clicking here. We send John a huge THANKYOU for all his volunteer efforts!

September 12, 2012
It's now time for SDG Members to let us know if you can join our Board, recruit new members and/or bring in $ donors and supporters. Contact and know that we have to get a VP training to become President ASAP...

Be sure to check out our Festival Followup pages now online. Also now online is a Transitions remembering Melissa Wharton. Here is Melissa and Aurora with our special guests Dancing Wheels at our Dance a World of Hope Sacred Dance Festival...

All the information about our 2nd Sacred Dance Journey, this one to Costa Rica, September 22-28, 2013 is now online... SDG has become a co-sponsor of The Sedona 2012 Conference, December 19-21, 2012 as a type of SDGO event that increases our contacts in the world and we'd love to dance with you all there!

August 8, 2012
Over 100 of us "Danced a World of HOPE" the last week in July at our Sacred Dance Festival on the Hope College Campus. We reveled in Planetary Dance, Persian Dance, Wheelchair Dance, Labryinth Dance, Flash Mob Dance with the wonderful town of Hope Michigan and much much more! As we figure out the faces and figures involved, keep checking our website and Fall Journal for pictures, stories and more...

We more than met our first "Kickstarter Campaign" Festival Fundraising goal, and approved of both our Ballots and Bylaws. We still need an appropriately skilled and experienced Vice President to train for our Presidency now in order to continue on dancing into the future. We also have to focus on recruiting more members and donors. Please consider how you can get involved and contact Stay tuned into YOUR Sacred Dance Guild!

July 5, 2012
You can still register for our up and coming "Dance A World of HOPE" Sacred Dance Festival 2012 at Hope College. Amongst many inspiriting moments, we don't want you to miss our Annual Membership Meeting and our Banquet featuring our Sacred Dance Global Outreach programs! The city of Holland Michigan has hired us to be their arts entertainment for an evening through our 2nd Flash Mob Community Dance. This picture of our first one in 2010 shows how wonderful they are to share.

It's voting time so don't forget to vote online by July 12 for our Board Ballot and our ByLaws. Join us for our last Tele-Interview (until another volunteer steps up to produce them- U?) with Dianne Eno July 10 at 2:00 EST. Please help us to bring Dancing Wheels and Carla DeSola to Holland Michigan by contributing to our KICKSTARTER time limited fundraiser...

June 6, 2012
Festival 2012 "Dance a World of Hope" is coming up July 24-29 at Hope College in Holland Michigan and we are looking forward to dancing the sacred with you there. Please help us to spread the word by clicking here for a Festival Promotional Packet. We also hope to see you at our Annual General Meeting held during our Festival.

We still need a Board of Directors Vice President to move into The Presidency so contact if you are interested. Our 2012-2013 Board ballots should be out soon. In the meanwhile, don't forget to vote on our BYLAWS.

We need all members to update their Skills and Experiences in their Membership Profiles. This will make it easier to match you in a volunteer roll. This picture shows us the fun two volunteers are having in rolling out flooring for our CultureFest ll in the Boston area.

We have a couple more Tele-Interviews on our Festival 2012 Major Faculty coming Click here for the schedule and to register, if you haven't already. Hope to dance the sacred with you in Hope, Michigan!

May 4, 2012
Our Spring Journal is here! And it's full of fabulous pictures, information and articles related to our up and coming "Dance A World of Hope" Sacred Dance Festival, so be sure to be patient as it all downloads. The deadline for the Early Bird Discount for Festival 2012 is May 25th. The deadline for applying for Festival 2012 Scholarships is May 18.

Don't forget to register your BYLAW VOTE. Please consider becoming a Volunteer Member on our Board of Directors and contact May's Tele-Interview will be on May 15 at 2:00pm EST. Lisa Michaels will be interviewing another one of our Festival 2012 Main Presenters, Shahrzad Kharsandi, about Sacred Persian Dance. We HOPE to dance the sacred with you in Holland Michigan July 24-29!

April 8, 2012
Every five years we update SDG's ByLaws and it is that time again. The changes you will see reflect the modernization and expansion of our systems and programs. We need all our members to vote on accepting these ByLaw changes. It's easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes. Click here to login and vote...

As a member of SDG, you should have now received your Festival 2012 "Dance a World of Hope" brochure. Add to our ever mounting excitement and REGISTER NOW. We can hardly wait to dance the sacred with YOU in Holland Michigan at Hope College July 24-29th...

As you can see by this picture, our 2nd Culture Fest was again quite colorful and inspiriting. Soon we will have online complete coverage of this wonderful Boston Area Benefit Sacred Dance Concert. As a part of our Sacred Dance Global Outreach, SD-GO, we are sending over $20,000 worth of dance supplies to children in Armenia and Croatia. We send out a special THANKYOU to all the amazing volunteers both on and off stage. It does indeed "take a village"... And it takes YOU to keep SDG going by joining our Board and directly helping with all the tasks that keep SDG alive and dancing. It's also that time of year to dance on up and become a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Co-Director of Programs, Public Relations, and Resources. Interested? Go to Contact Us and pick who you'd like to explore your interests with...

March 7, 2012
Coming up soon on March 13 is our first Tele-Interview featuring Festival 2012 Main Faculty Members: Don't miss it live or later..."

Dance a World of Hope", our Sacred Dance Festival 2012 coming in July at Michigan's Hope College, is now online. You can REGISTER NOW...

Start thinking about what you want to wear at our Sacred Dance Fashion Show, which Sacred Dance you want to perform at "Sharings", who you want to spread The Festival 2012 word to, and which pair of shoes you want to donate at our 2nd Community Flash Dance. Below is a picture of last year's First Sacred Dance Flash Mob performance and party on the public pier in New London (just to whet your appetite)...

CultureFest's 2012 Sacred Dance Benefit Concert is coming up this month in Boston, March 25, at the National Heritage Museum. You won't want to miss this one! Our Spring 2012 Journal submission's deadline is March 15th... SDG's FaceBook page now has over 202 members and nonmembers and needs YOU... We need new Board Members for 2012-2013 so contact if you think, think, think you can... Be sure to check out all the latest on our Sacred Dance Company News and Event Calendar... Don't forget about sharing our Promo Video all over the globe and do what you can to "Dance the Sacred, Move the World..."

February 14, 2012
Your Dancing Board sends its love to all Sacred Dancers everywhere, which means YOU... We just got back from our Winter Board Meeting where we firmed up many of the details of our up and coming FESTIVAL 2012, "Dance A World OF HOPE" in Holland Michigan, July 24-29 at Hope College...Among many other things, we voted to begin creating a very much needed and long awaited "Sacred Dance Certification" process...

Be sure to check out our new Global Connections section and send us pictures of the places on this precious planet that you are "Dancing The Sacred, Moving The World" in and different organizations that are helping to support "Sacred Dancers in need"... Our Tele-Interview Series, for the next five months, will feature our Major Faculty Presenters for our 2012 Sacred Dance Festival, "Dance a World of Hope", so be sure to tune into these... And if you are in the Boston area March 25th at 2pm, come join us at The National Heritage Museum for our 2nd SD-GO Benefit Concert "CultureFest" ...

January 16, 2012
As its first gift of this New Year, your Sacred Dance Guild offers our brand new "Promotional Video". This has been an idea dancing about for 15 years. We send our heartfelt thanks to our two video wizards (check them out on Facebook) Charome Kaocharoen and Adam Boren Bennett.

The Faculty for our "Dance a World of Hope" Sacred Dance Festival 2012 ,at Hope College in Holland Michigan, July 24-29, have been selected. Our Tele-Interview Series will start back up Feb. 2 with an interview with Stella Matsuda, one of our Festival 2012 Faculty CoChairs, who will give us the full scoop on all the magic that will happen...

We will also soon announce the Sacred Dancers that will perform in our 2nd SDGO Benefit Concert "Culturefest" to be held in Boston March 25. So stay tuned into!

December 7, 2011
Your SDG Board of Directors dances Holiday Joy and Peace to everyone! Since it is that time of year, our Annual Letter of Giving has already been sent to you by e-mail, if you are a member. If not, to read the letter click here. To donate easily online click here. Every little bit all the way to great big somethings help!

We send thank you's to everyone who applied to become a faculty member of our up and coming 2012 Sacred Dance Festival, "Dance a World of Hope", at Hope College in Holland Michigan, July 24 - 29. Keep tuning into this website for updates on faculty information and more. If you want to become a part of our Festival Production Team contact Mary at

For many more photos of our first Sacred Dance Journey click here. For our latest "Meet a Member" feature, click here.If you are a member of a Sacred Dance Company and /or Local Network,be sure to remember to send us your latest newsletters and program announcements to post and pictures plus stories of any performances, workshops, etc. you are a part of. This is YOUR SDG and website. Use it well in order to keep on DANCING THE SACRED AND MOVING THE WORLD...

November 4, 2011
There are still a few days left to get your Faculty Applications in for teaching at our "Dance a World of Hope" 2012 Sacred Dance Festival, July 24-29 at Hope College in Holland Michigan. Contact Mary at & send her names of Sacred Dance students, groups and organizations that you think need an invitation to our "Dance a World of Hope" Festival in 2012.

SDG's Fall Journal is now online. Click here to login as a member and read or print it out whenever you wish. Check out the story, poems, testimonials, and pictures of our recent very first Sacred Dance Journey. We had 11 SDGers dancing the sacred along the rim of The Grand Canyon and Sedona's Red Rock Vortexes.

Your Dancing Board is so thankful that you are here, now...

October 3, 2011
We're just about to dance the sacred on the rim of The Grand Canyon for our first Sacred Dance Journeys with 11 SDGers. SDG is getting around the globe with and through its members. Here's one of our Canadian members dancing the sacred in Ottawa.

Yes, we know that we can dance the sacred anywhere and everywhere. So, think about joining us for our second SDGO event this coming March in Boston: Culturefest. Tell us all about the sacred dancing you are doing on our new blog, Sacred Dance Trends. When you are ready to pass on your sacred dance books, films, and costumes look into our Recyclables section.

And think about dancing and even teaching at our 2012 Festival in Holland Michigan this coming July. We are now taking Faculty Applications for "Dance a World of Hope"...

September 8, 2011
Our Summer Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting & Board Buffet Workshop held in Ottawa in mid August was a delight to all who were able to attend or even call in. Click here to read The State of The Guild Address. The minutes for both should be available online to members in a few more weeks. We so enjoyed dancing with our Canadian members!

Our Dancing Board for 2011-2012 are: Pres- JoyBeth Lufty, VP- Lisa Michaels, Sec./Treas.- Ann Pomeroy, Programs- Mary Kamp & Wendy Morrel, Resources - Cherie Hill & Jennifer McDaniel, and Public Relations- Elaine Sisler & ????. Yes, we still really need another Board member to help with publicity and promotion, so contact if you can dance on board...

As it now stands, every Guild Membership currently costs us around $125 (& that's for a bottom line budget) and most members are only paying $35-50. For this up and coming SDG year, we do indeed need and have to focus on "Moneys & Movers". Your Board is looking forward to doing the "M&M" dance with YOU!

August 1, 2011
We're gearing up for our Summer Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting in Ottawa Canada this year: the weekend of August 13th. If you can't come for our Hopefull Board Buffet Workshop, then try calling in for our meeting. And don't forget to VOTE for our 2011-2012 Board of Directors!

Our first of a new series of Sacred Dance Educational Handouts is now online: How To Form A Movement Choir. Be sure to print it out and pass it around. This picture is of a New York based Movement Choir performing.

We're now ready to reach out to our global Sacred Dance community with invitations to join The Sacred Dance Guild. Send us your list of Sacred Dance Resources and Dancers. And don't forget that the deadline for registering for our Sacred Dance Journey to Sedona & The Grand Canyon is August 14.

Happy Summer Dancing The Sacred...

July 1, 2011
Now that SDG's systems have been updated and its programs expanded, we are focusing on spreading the word. June Tanoue and Halau i Ka Pono, The Hula School of Chicago, found us, became members, and recently sent this picture. They are doing an ancient hula that is a prophecy chant for the Hawaiian people. It spoke about the coming changes for them when their temples would be overturned and their whole way of life changing and so it speaks to the youth and tells them to hold on to their culture and values. That's June chanting with her Hawaiian drum, Ho'omaika'i (to respect all).

Our next "Spirituality In Dance" Tele-Interview will be with Leslie Zehr, an Esoteric Dance Teacher from Egypt, who wrote "The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer". It will be airing live on July 21, at 7pm Eastern.

Keep checking out the information about our August 13, full moon Annual General Meeting in Ottawa Canada for ways to join us virtually if you can't be there physically. Our Ballots for SDG's Board of Directors 2011-2012 will soon be in your e-mail boxes: Don't forget to vote!

We have some more dancing spaces left for our Sedona & The Grand Canyon Sacred Dance Journey. The sign up deadline is August 14. A bonus not mentioned on the itinerary is that we have a new Sacred Dance Group that dances in Sedona and, hopefully, they will be dancing with us an evening or two.

Aloha from Your Dancing Board...

June 2, 2011
This month join us live with Cynthia Wynton-Henry, a longtime SDG member and co-founder of Interplay, for our 4th Tele-Interview on "Spirituality In Dance", June 16, 7pm Eastern.

It's summertime and YOU are invited to join SDG in Ottawa, Canada, August 13 for our Annual General Meeting. Your volunteer Board of Directors will be working and dancing at SDG's Summertime Board Meeting that weekend with our Canadian Sacred Dancers.

We still have a few spaces left for our Sacred Dance Journey to Sedona & The Grand Canyon, October 5-9, 2011. Be sure to sign up by August!

Go to our Sacred Dance Is section and check out our new Music For Sacred Dance pages. We need you to help us fill it up and out. And keep returning here monthly for all the latest SDG happenings...

May 11, 2011
Our Spring Journal 2011 sprung four exciting announcements:

  1. Our 2012 Festival will be "Dance a World of Hope" in Holland Michigan July 24-29, 2012...
  2. SDG's official Song/Dance or Body Prayer is "Moving Mysteries" by Emmalyn Moreno...
  3. Our 2011 Annual General Meeting will be held in Ottawa Canada at noon on Saturday August 13, 2011...
  4. Toni Intravia is our latest SDG Honorary Member...

Be sure to check out our updated "Reciprocals" and "Local Networks" website sections, join us for our May 19 Tele-Interview with Dunya of Dance Meditation, help SDG dance from Spring into Summer/Fall by renewing your memberships and signing up to join us in Sedona/The Grand Canyon for a Sacred Dance Journey in October...

April 8, 2011
Spring has sprung and so has SDG's Tele-Interview Series "Spirituality In Dance". The next interview, on April 27, will help you learn how to create your own body prayers and feature news about your Sacred Dance Guild.

If you are a teacher of Sacred Dance, be sure to apply for being a part of our Traveling Workshops and Presenter Package rosters.

Our Spring 2011 Journal is on the designing board now and has some announcements to make that you won't want to miss. Look for it in your E-mail around May Day.

SDG is about YOU, here for YOU, and needs YOU! VOLUNTEER! We need to fill 5 Board positions for 2011-2012. Send us your favorite Sacred Dance resources, music, pictures, stories, and photos. Let EVERYONE know about us...


March 11, 2011
Have you signed up yet for our 1st in an ongoing series of Tele-Interviews, on "Spirituality In Dance", co-sponsored by Natural Rhythms? The March 17th interview will be with Mark Metz of Conscious Dancer Magazine.

Our Logo-Linked Member Seal is now ready for your website. Go to Members Only, login, and follow the steps.

Another new feature in our Headlines Section is a place to feature your Sacred Dance Group's Newsletter. Our 2012 Festival Theme will be "Dance A World Of Hope", Toni Intravia is now a SDG Honorary Member, and SDG Members have started registering for our Sacred Dance Journey to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Keep dancing back here for the latest SDG Updates!

February 21, 2011
This has been a culminating month for SDG: Our Traveling Workshops and Presenters Package programs are ready for you to apply for being on our Sacred Dance Teaching Roster and for becoming a Volunteer Coordinator. Click here for all the info...
Registration for our Sedona and The Grand Canyon Sacred Dance Journey next October has begun...
We're ready to receive your Sacred Dance stories and resources for our new "Sacred Dance Is..." section...
Click here to view our Simply Soaring 2010 Festival Video Clip...
Our SDG Board had its Winter Board Meeting in Boston. Here are your hard working and having fun at the same time Sacred Dancers in attendance...

Be sure to check out our new "Meet A Member" feature and let us know if you would like to be featured... Please join us on Facebook through our Connections Section...
SDG's Sacred Dance Business Directory is now ready to advertise your Sacred Dance Troupe, Business, Organization, Workshops, Books and more...
And don't forget to get your Journal article to by March 15th for our up and coming Spring Journal...

Doing the SDG Boogie for you, Your Dancing Board

January 12, 2011
To start off our new year, we all received a generous donation from the children of Elaine Friedrich: Rev. Jim Friedrich, Marilyn Robertson, & Martha Stevens. This is to help us continue our Sacred Dance outreach: "May God bring closer the day when we will all will be dancing..."

SDG was recently featured on a blog for anyone who is interested in dance. So check out what they had to say about us. And help link us to other sites.

We're about to have another brainstorming session like this one that was held at our Simply Soaring Festival last summer. Our up and coming Winter Board Meeting will be in Boston Feb. 4-6. We'd like to know what you think SDG needs to focus on the next 6 months. Write us at

It would be wonderful if some SDG Sacred Dancers danced at The Global Festival For Peace, EarthDance, Sept. 23-25 in Vallejo, California. Check out and let us know if you can connect with them and be there.

As Earth Dance says "Give Peace A Dance",
Your Dancing Into The New Year Board

December 22, 2010
It's here: Our SACRED DANCE BUSINESS DIRECTORY, where you can help us support you and what you give to the world through Sacred Dance! Be sure to check it out...

Our Annual Letter of Appeal was sent out and your year end donations are beginning to arrive. We're grateful for your continuing and very necessary support.

Also be sure to check out our new CONNECTIONS section for all the ways we can stay in communication throughout the coming New Year. We send you, each and everyone, the transformative energy of dancing butterflies for 2011!

Your Dancing Board

November 18, 2010
At this time of year, we're so thankful for our SDG and all the opportunities it provides each and everyone of us worldwide to grow in Divine Connection.

Our Fall 2010 JOURNAL has been sent out and is posted. It is 20 pages of news about our Simply Soaring Festival this past July and Sacred Dance. Please let us know what Sacred Dance related articles you would like to write for our up and coming Spring 2011 Journal,

To access it, login here and then click on "Journal Online" in the top bar.

Our Annual Letter of Appeal will be sent out December 1st and will be posted here. We need to raise $16,000 to make up for the loss in revenue due to declining membership and attendance in these economically challenging times. It's easy to make a donation online: just click here. We also need your help in finding new Donors and Business Supporters.

Thank YOU for all your contributions focused on keeping Sacred Dance and our Sacred Dance Guild alive and soaring!

October 22, 2010
We hope you have received the latest E-BOARD NEWSLETTER and are considering how you can help us to recruit new members, bigtime donors, business supporters, and advertisers. And how you can volunteer your skills in helping SDG keep on dancing the sacred.

Our FALL 2010 JOURNAL will be sent out electronically in a week and will have a lot of pictures and articles about our Simply Soaring Festival. Be sure to check out our new TRANSITIONS pages and the latest on our October 2011 Sacred Dance Journey to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Our Southern California 2003 Festival Committee recently had a "reunion". This is a testament to how our hearts bond through doing volunteer work for/with our Sacred Dance Guild. And to what active and interesting members we have in Sacred Dance. Feel free to send me your sacred dancing photos so we can share the wonderful work we are all doing!

Here we are 7 years later. SoCA Festival Committee 2003

Bottom, Lf to R: Sue Carlisle (SoCA SDGTreasurer), Evelyn Okamoto (new artistic Director for Alleluia Dance Theater), Fran Helgeson, Jeannine Bunyon (past president of SoCA SDG, currently teaching a weekly class for Seniors at her church. She co-authored the book with Margaret Taylor Doane, Soul to Sole with Seniors. Cathy Saine (current president of SoCA SDG)

Back row: Stella Matsuda (Chair of Festival 2003, Past president of SDG, former Artistic Director of Alleluia Dance Theater), Emmalyn Moreno (dancer with ADT, musician/dancer), Ellen Carlson (dancer with Body and Soul), Jim Maynard (Rep to SDG, former director of Body and Soul), Susan Shinn (dancer with B &S), Mary Joy Neuru (Reiki master), Catherine Foley (English teacher, former dancer with ADT), Kathy Ables (dancer with Body and Soul).

September 29,2010
What a "Simply Soaring" time we had at our Sacred Dance Festival in July. Check out our FaceBook page for some photos, get ready to read all about it in our up and coming Journal (due out by Nov. 1), keep checking our website for new reports and pictures, and order a Festival Vidio or Picture CD. This Festival was danced into being by your SDG Board and other volunteers.

And speaking of volunteers, We need YOU! Read about the "Why and For What" in our 2010 State Of Our Guild Address and in our latest E-Board Newsletter. Then let us know how you can join your Dancing Board in helping to keep SDG alive and soaring. We need your special skills and resources in "Dancing The Sacred, Moving The World" ...

Our Simply Soaring Festival and Annual General Meeting are only a month away. Be sure to check out our latest E-Board Newsletter and don't forget to vote for our 2010-2011 Board of Directors. We can hardly wait to dance the sacred all together once again. Here's a sneak preview of what's to come in the Opening, Closing, and Morning Awakenings: These are the words to the body prayer created just for this festival -

Love is for the giving...
Love is for the recieving...
Open up to loving and you've opened up for/to/with/as God/Goddess/Divine/Spirit...
Then truth will be a part of you...
And peace will live through you...
And grace will have you SOARING AS ONE...

Come soar with us and anticipate having as much fun as Boston's Encore Dancers are having and will have with us at Festival 2010!

JoyBeth and YOUR Board of Directors

The latest for YOUR Sacred Dance Guild is that we need YOU! We really need YOU to come to our Simply Soaring Sacred Dance Festival. It just won't be the same without YOU...

We need YOU to become a member of SDG or to renew your membership. We need YOU to help coordinate SDGO Benefit Events and Traveling Workshops. We need YOU to help us recruit members and donors.

We need YOU to send us news, pictures and vidios of your sacred dancing. Like Jenny Finn, Embodiment Educator from Colorado Springs, did. Check out this student produced video of SDG member Jenny teaching college students "Spiritual Dance" on a ship with "Semester At Sea".

And come dance with us because WE ARE YOU...


It seems to be part of Divine Order that SDG is concentrating on "growing and greening" in this United Nations proclaimed "2010- The International Year For the Rapprochement of Cultures." As the President of The International Dance Council (CID) recently wrote "Dance, being a central part of every culture, constitutes the ideal means for bringing together people from different countries... For vividly illustrating cultural diversity, for embodying rapprochement, there is no better means than dance." And we Sacred Dancers, from every culture, have experienced how dance can enlighten and brighten our world.

At our SDGO pilot benefit event, CultureFest, we had a chance to learn a Chinese Fan Dance. Elaine Sisler will offer "CultureFest Revisited" at our Simply Soaring Festival in July.

We hope to dance with you in this "Reapproachment of Culture" year.

-- JoyBeth for our Sacred Dance Guild


SIMPLY SOARING, our 2010 Sacred Dance Guild Festival July 26-31 in New London, CT. USA. is now online. Click for specific information and to register. There is something for every level of dancer covering a variety of styles and paths or traditions. I can hardly wait to dance with all of us at one of our festival highlights new to this year: a Benefit Communal Mob Flash Dance. As Deborah Mauldin, Executive Director for The American Dance Guild, one of our reciprocal organizations,recently wrote me,"In my experience at SDG's Festival, participants find a unique experience that unifies them as sacred dancers... I had never felt anything like it!"

This picture is of a group of Cincinnati Ohio women that were taking a workshop from Lisa Michaels, who will be teaching at our Festival, SIMPLY SOARING, this summer. They had actively danced together in a conscious free-form dance setting,fell in love with dancing, and requested to learn a choreographed dance. It is entitled "Circle of Stones Celebration Dance, choreographed by Lisa Michaels with music by Laura Powers, "Circle of Stones". Here is a video of their first public performance.

We are looking forward to DANCING THE DIVINE with you this summer!

-- JoyBeth and your Simply Soaring Team


Whew! SDG dancers have been twirling up a storm since our February Board Meeting when we really figured out in depth what it means to "Green and Grow our Guild". We had to choreograph necessary changes that streamline our finances and work load while increasing our services and products.

The good news is that we are still dancing the sacred in these scarey economic times where both volunteer workers and moneys are getting harder to find. And even more exciting news is that SDG is embracing the gifts of technology that can help us to become more visible to the global world that needs us and provide more updated services and products to our members.

Both our Journal and our Membership Directory are now online and both are printable by our members. You can see that our website is becoming more sacred dancer friendly each and every month. Know that you too can have your Sacred Dance groups picture for all the world to see the wonderful Divinely inspired dances that we are doing for the upliftment of all. Just taking a glance at these Canadian Sacred Dance Children always makes me slow down, take a breath, and make a Blessing movement.

And we couldn't do all this without the skilful help of our Virtual Management Company, Next Wave Group. Pat Troy and Next Wave group have been leaders in the field of Virtual Management which specializes in using technology to provide database management, accounting, membership services, publications, web sites, event management, and much more. For more information click on Virtual Management on your right.

So stay tuned to these SDG Updates and know that we are here to help us, each and everyone, to inspire one another by dancing the sacred. Dancing Blessings from your doing the hang ten dance Board of Directors, JoyBeth and Lisa, Marcia, Mary, Wendy, Linda, Elaine, Kat, and Gail
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As your SDG Volunteer Board gets ready for its Winter Board Meeting and we look at everything that is happening right now, I feel like taking a flying leap with excitement that we will be concentrating on "GROWING OUR GUILD". SDG is accepting the challenge of this current recession and its resultant dwindling membership by leaping into the future to truely becoming a worldwide presence for Sacred Dance in all its forms.

Here is a picture sent by Australian SDG member Tricia Mary Lee of The Geegelup Global Spirit Dancers from Yornup, West Australia. They have just danced at their inaugural public sharing during Christmas time in a Spiritualist Church in Australia...

Here also is a picture sent by Anne Bishop,USA, of The Sacred Dance Ensemble of Central Virginia dancing at a Lutheran Church in Virginia, USA, in March of 2009...

We invite you to share your Sacred Dance pictures with us to put on our website, news of your dancing for our new "Headlines" website section, your choreography for our "Resource Library" and much more as we expand the resources, networking opportunities, and education SDG has provided for 52 years.

Come Worldwide Sacred Dancers! Our Sacred Dance Guild umbrella is large enough for ALL! Let's keep the sharing going...

-- JoyBeth Lufty, SDG President


We really hope to dance with you at "Simply Soaring: A Sacred Dance Festival" July 26-31, at Connecticut College in New London, CT. For more information, go to our Festival page. I am looking forward to learning this month about who this year's Festival Presenters will be. Our 2010 Festival Faculty Staff Volunteers have been working hard on the selection these past several months...

For 2010, we are looking for a few SDGO Benefit Concert Coordinators in a few major cities. Click on our SDGO Link, also to the right, to find out more about how you could help us to support dancers in need worldwide...

One of our latest tasks has been to provide our Journal online for our members to read and then print themselves as they so wish. This will help us save on printing, trees, postage and volunteer labor. We will still send printed copies to those members who aren't e-mail connected and who want to remain recieving a printed copy by "snail mail". Click on "Update Your Member Profile" on your right to let us know what your choice is.

We want to thank each and everyone of you who have recently donated your $$'s for our "Annual Letter of Appeal". We would not exist without YOUR support. Click on our Annual Letter Of Appeal on your right to review this letter...

As your 2009-2010 President, I look forward to communicating with Sacred Dancers from around the Globe in 2010. Please let us know how your Sacred Dancing is going and how we can support your good works for our precious world.

Many Sacred Dancing Blessings for 2010,
Your SDG President, JoyBeth Lufty

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