How to Organize an SDGO Event

Want to Coordinate a SDGO Event in Your City?

Here's how to get started
Thank you for your interest in how to coordinate a SDGO event. It is SDG's intention to get many people, in cities all over this world, involved in helping Sacred Dancers to connect with and support one another. After you have looked over all our SDGO and pilot program Culture Fest pages, this "How TO" page will help you to envision how you can make this intention a reality in your local community.

SDGO programs are based on bringing volunteer Sacred Dancers together for a benefit concert to an organization that is helping other dancers in need. In addition to a benefit concert, you may choose to do an added day of Sacred Dance Workshops facilitated by your volunteer dancers. You may also choose to organize a dance supply collection for your benefit organization.

As SDG's ambassador in your local community, you will be making the programming decisions and contacts necessary in setting up and implementing this SDGO event. SDG will provide program, publicity, and logistical support and guidance. We will negotiate providing seed monies, if need be. 50% of your concerts profits will go to SDG and if you choose to provide a day workshop 100% of that day's profits will go to SDG in order to support SDG's work all over the globe. 50% of the concert's profit will go to your benefit organization. Your benefitting organization will also receive 100% of all donations made out to just them. If you choose to organize your local retailers to supply dancing goods for your benefit organization, 100% of all supplies collected goes to them.

Here is an outline of THE TASKS involved in coordinating a SDGO event:


  • Consulting with SDG Board Members
  • Opening your SDGO event's bank account
  • Contacting, choosing & collaborating with a benefitting organization and its local community members
  • Collaborating with local retailers for dance supplies if appropriate
  • Designing, printing & distributing flyers & posters, press releases and other publicity
  • Working with SDG on promoting the event on our website
  • Putting SDG's logo on all event promotional materials
  • Arranging for photographers


  • Reserving and setting up workshop space
  • Setting up workshop presenters and schedule
  • Day's logistics, such as water, snacks, and lunch, SDG & benefit organization's displays
  • Program information pages and registration forms, including Liability Waivers & Photo Release Forms, and duties


  • Reserving the Sacred Dance Concert space
  • Previewing performances by participating dance groups and ongoing communications
  • Designing, printing, and distribution of tax deduction forms, concert tickets, Liability Waivers, and Photo Release Forms.
  • Conducting preconcert rehearsal
  • Designing, printing of tax deduction forms & concert tickets
  • Soliciting sound/light techs and videographer


  • Financial distribution and report
  • Concert DVD distribution
  • Arranging for inventory & transport of donated dance supplies
  • Thank you letters

If you are excited by the possibility in all this, contact SDG's Co-Director of Public Relations at



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