Transforming the World Through Dance
In February, 2009 the Executive Board of the Sacred Dance Guild voted to establish a global outreach initiative to address, through dance, the needs and suffering of our brother and sister dancers throughout the world. We agreed to call this historic measure the Sacred Dance Global Outreach, to be known as SDGO, an acronym implying action and direction.

Through SDGO, we sponsor events to raise awareness of and funds for our beneficiary groups. We also accept donations of funds, dancewear, and other goods needed by them. And we dance in spiritual support for them.

Mission Statement
The Sacred Dance Guild is an international, interfaith, non-profit organization with a commitment to advocate for the understanding of dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body and spirit. In honor of our 50th Anniversary Year (2008), we extend our mission with the Sacred Dance Global Outreach (SDGO), a commitment to raise awareness of dance as a unifying, healing, transforming force and to support and encourage all dancers everywhere who are actively living out these principles, particularly under conditions of oppression and threat.

We invite dancers worldwide to join us as we choreograph our next 50 years into a dance of universal harmony.



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