Marilyn Green - Spring 2013

Trinity Church, New York Movement Choir

Somewhat to my surprise, in August 2010 Trinity's Movement Choir was formed from a two-hour workshop that took wings. The group is open to anyone, of any age, experience, religious affiliation and physical condition. Some members have considerable professional dance background; some have just begun to dance. At the core of our group is a focus on movement as worship, a reclaiming of the community and tribal spiritual dance we have largely lost in our concept that dedicated professionals alone can make beautiful dance.

The Movement Choir is based on my own primary sources of inspiration: Rudolf Laban, a friend of Pilates who advocated large groups of people of all kinds moving together in a choreographed fashion and leaving room for personal expression, a concept closely related to his personal spiritual beliefs.

Besides Laban, a strong influence on Trinity’s Movement Choir is the Japanese Butoh group Sankai Juku; from them we have taken a slow, dreamlike movement style that allows us to feel and present each person’s authentic, individual connection with Spirit. And we have drawn the inspiration for our living masks and the mosaic theme for our makeup and costumes from the Everyman Players' Book of Job, which toured the world from the 1970s into the 90s.

But ultimately the Movement Choir is shaped by its members, their skills, spirituality and creative ideas.

We dance in the Trinity's liturgy and in live concerts on themes like "Reconciliation", our response to the events of 9/11, particularly poignant because Trinity and its chapel, St. Paul’s, are both in the heart of the attack area and the rescue effort. This year, we are partnering with Sacred Dance Guild members from the four corners of North America to create and perform "The Doors," a concert piece exploring Love, Fear, Birth and Death.

This group has been a gift to me, and we welcome everyone who would like to join us for an hour, a year, or forever.


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