As part of our Sacred Dance Guild programs, our SACRED DANCE JOURNEYS provide us opportunities to DANCE THE SACRED together at different SACRED SITES all over this planet. These Sacred Dance Journeys will be held biennially,the years when our biennial Festivals are just taking form for the future. Go to our Suggestion Box to let us know where you'd like to dance the sacred with us in the future.

SDG's first, or pilot, Sacred Dance Journey to Sedona and The Grand Canyon took place during October 5-9, 2011. We had 11 Sacred Dancers from Canada and The US dancing the sacred along the edge of The Grand Canyon and at four of the Major Sedona Red Rock Vortexes. We also managed to fit in a shopping trip, jeep ride, MicroBrew education, and a spectacular sunset on the top of some ancient Anasazi ruins.

For photos, poems, testimonials, and other writings about this awesome First Sacred Dance Journey, click here.


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