How It Began

The inspiration for SDGO came through an article in Dance Magazine (September 2008) about the Baghdad Ballet School, an oasis in a strife-torn city for the young artists who study there. We were touched to read about Christian, Muslim, and other students who work harmoniously together, rising above the chaos and violence engendered by religious differences in their society.

We were saddened to learn that political tensions in Baghdad have affected this inspirational school, making it difficult for those students and their teachers to train in peace or to get the dancewear, music, and other supplies they need for class. We vowed to help the Baghdad students and others like them by bearing witness to their plight and offering aid and support in whatever ways we can.

That same year, the Sacred Dance Guild celebrated its Golden Anniversary, fifty years of sacred, spiritual, spellbinding dancing. It was a glorious half-century, full of wonder, discovery, love, and, of course, dance. But it was just a beginning.

As we looked ahead to our next 50 years, we realized we needed and wanted to do more…to reach higher, bend deeper, take a bigger leap. Make a bigger difference to even more people. The story of the Baghdad dancers planted the seed of an idea that became SDGO, formally established by the Sacred Dance Guild Executive Board in February 2009.



How it Began


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